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COMRADE KIM JONG IL (1942 - 2011) 
Five years ago on December 17th, 2011, the Korean People lost their paternal leader General KIM JONG IL. I can recall the day of the Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL's sudden passing away with a sense of utter shock and profound sadness. KIM JONG IL's demise was an immense upset for progressive humanity, as the DPRK Supreme Leader put the cause of Socialism on a renovated and scientific basis.
KIM JONG IL was born and raised among the battlefields of the Anti-Japanese National War of the 1940s. KIM JONG IL was born on February 16th, 1942, which is now known in the DPRK as the Day of The Shinning Star ( In  Korean: "Kwangmyongsong").  KIM JONG IL's parents were President KIM IL SUNG and the Communist Revolutionary Heroine KIM JONG SUK. KIM JONG IL is descended from a long line of Korean patriots and revolutionaries such as KIM UNG U, KIM PO HYON, KIM HYONG JIK, KANG BAN SOK and KIM CHOL JU. The real value of a revolutionary is judged by how he loves the revolution and tempers himself in the revolutionary practice. KIM JONG IL devoted himself to the defence of the ideas and practice of KIM IL SUNG, since he was a child. KIM JONG IL maintained the standpoint of Juche from his childhood and it was in the fields of philosophy that KIM JONG IL upheld the traditions of KIM IL SUNG.
KIM JONG IL correctly understood the pivotal role of philosophy in the development of society, that in other words, the revolution and socialist construction can only be successful with an ideology reflecting the independent aspirations of the popular masses. To continue with the proceeding working class ideology was not enough to keep up with the demands of the 21st century. KIM JONG IL greatest contribution to the evolution of philosophy, was to systematized the Juche Idea of KIM IL SUNG into to a comprehensive structure. "On The Juche Idea", published in March, 1982 by KIM JONG IL can be regarded as a manifesto of the Juche ideology. Since the early 1960s, KIM JONG IL published many hundreds of works on the Juche Idea and on the originality of the Juche philosophy. Such works as "Let Us Advance Under The Banner Of Marxism-Leninism And The Juche Idea", "On Problems Of Education In The Juche Idea", "Abuses Of Socialism Are Intolerable" and "Socialism Is A Science", have made an immense advancement to the growth of revolutionary ideology. KIM JONG UN formulated Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as a single ideological system and consolidated the philosophy of the President and the General.
One of KIM JONG IL's most significant accomplishments, was to carry forward the cause of building a revolutionary party and develop the Workers' Party of Korea into a party of Juche and Songun. On June 19th, 1964, KIM JONG IL began work at the Central Committee of the WPK, where a revolution was conducted in party activity. KIM JONG IL ensured that loyalty to KIM IL SUNG's ideals among party members was carried out, and intensive education in the Juche Idea and the Songun Politics was established in the party's rank and file. Active participation was encouraged within the party structure and the monolithic unity of the WPK was guaranteed.
KIM JONG IL shaped the WPK into the motherly party, that has made the sure it takes responsibility for the political integrity and the social-material welfare of the working masses, who are the masters of Korean socialist society. The WPK became a steel-strong party due to KIM JONG IL's leadership, which is able to gain many achievements on the path towards the final victory of the Korean Revolution. Comrade KIM JONG IL for his deeds in party building is revered by both the party members and the Korean people as the Eternal General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea. Chairman KIM JONG UN has made the WPK into the party of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilsim.  
The Songun Politics of KIM JONG IL ensured the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, and made the DPRK even more prosperous.  Throughout DPRK society, the Revolutionary Solider Spirit prevailed, and all problems were solved by the methodology of single-hearted unity. One of the first places, KIM JONG IL where gave on the On-The Spot Guidance, after the demise of President KIM IL SUNG on July 8th, 1994, was at a Korean Peoples Army company on the Tabaksol Pass, New Year's Day, 1995. A translation of the importance of revolutionary arms in the promotion of Korean-style Socialism, was seen in the first nuclear test carried out by the DPRK on October 8th, 2006. KIM JONG IL had set the groundwork for the development of a powerful and effective deterrent as we witnessed with the successful H-Bomb and nuclear weapons tests in January and September, 2016. With KIM JONG IL's leadership, the DPRK became a satellite launching nation, with the take off the Kwangmysong One, on August 31st, 1998. Every one of the Kwangmysong and Unha rocket launches, including the most recent one on February 7th, 2016, are the products of DPRK manufacture and science.
Due to KIM JONG IL's Songun Revolutionary Leadership, the Korean people have been able to smash the US Imperialists' led strategy to stifle the DPRK, and to defend national sovereignty and people-centred socialism. KIM JONG IL's conception of building socialism in confrontation with imperialism, is born out of the reality of Korea, where the United States has deployed 1,000 nuclear weapons and stationed 40,000 troops in south Korea. The anti-imperialist position of KIM JONG IL is if the Korean people fight the class and national enemy, they will remain alive, and if they yield to them, they will perish. Given the present instability among the US ruling elite and the turmoil on the streets of Seoul and other south Korean cities, Songun Politics is the best option for the DPRK. KIM JONG UN continues with the traditions of Songun by building the Korean Peoples Army into a robust offensive and defensive force. KIM JONG UN has made sure that the US Imperialists have no longer the monopoly of technological superiority in weapons development, and that the KPA has become a high quality ideological-political and technological revolutionary army.
Culture is another area, where KIM JONG IL has given an original contribution to the treasure house of socialist theory and practice. KIM JONG IL regarded culture as a key ingredient in forming an independent, socialist ideological world outlook, that you cannot have a socialist society without a culture based upon socialist values. The cultural theories of KIM JONG IL are extensively expressed in his works "On The Art Of Cinema" (April, 1973), "On The Art Of Opera ( September, 1974) and "On The Art of Music (July, 1991), among numerous other writings. KIM JONG IL displayed a great deal of interest in the development of DPRK cinema. From the late 1960s, a breakthrough was achieved in the cinematography of the DPRK. Korean cinema now produces extremely good quality feature films, which are both rich in ideological and artistic content.
Music should serve the politics, the people's aspirations for an independent and creative existence. Music devoid of politics is the same with a flower without a scent and politics devoid of music is the same as politics without passion -  this KIM JONG IL's outlook on music. The musical pieces that can lead the Songun Era are those that provide profound ideological and emotional solutions to the requirements of the Korean people and their struggle for a new life. KIM JONG IL ensured that music is closely combined with the Juche Idea and the Songun Idea, and expedited the revolution by dint of its unique appeal. The Merited State Chorus of the Korean Peoples Army had been at the forefront of the Songun-based musical revolution, with such masterpieces as "Hold High The Red Flag", "No Motherland, Without You" and "Footsteps". When the art troupes from the DPRK have visited other countries, the audiences have come to appreciate the history and culture of the heroic Korean people better through their creative arts. Juche art has awakened in the spectators to the visiting DPRK performers, profound feelings about the genuine meaning of life and struggle, and has inspired them towards solidarity with the Juche Homeland.  KIM JONG UN has added new and exciting dimensions to the Songun Cultural Offensive in recent years, with such innovations as The Moranbong Band and The Chongbong Band.    
Reunification stands as the number one issue for the Korean people, in the north, in the south and overseas. KIM JONG IL conceived the idea of Uriminzokkrri (By-Our-Nation Itself), so as to settle the historic question of Korean reunficiation favourably. The declaration of By-Our-Nation Itself demands that the cause of Korea's reunficiation be resolved by the efforts of the Korean people themsleves, whether they be in the north, in the south and abroad, without any outside interference. KIM JONG IL believed that peace and reunficiation can be decided
by mobilizing the united forces of the Korean people of whatever social strata, religious beliefs and political affiliation. KIM JONG IL wrote on many occasions on the question of Korea's reunfication in such works as "Let Us Carry Out The Great Leader Comrade Kim IL Sung's Instructions For National Reunification"( August 4th, 1997) and "Let Us Reunifiy The Country Indepedently and Peacefully Throught The Great Unity Of The Entire Nation (April 18th, 1998).
KIM JONG IL's approach to reunficiation materialized in the groundbreaking North-South Summitt Meeting and Declaration in Pyongyang, on June 15th, 2000 and followed by another North-South Summit in October, 2007. With the epochal making June 15th, 2000 North-South Joint Declaration, a huge step forward had been created in the wall of division separating Korea. The Korean people began the process of cooperation in the areas of economics, security, culture and family reunions between the north and south of Korea on the road of reunification. It is the wish of KIM JONG UN to restart the negotiation and dialogue with the aim of effecting the independent, peaceful reunification of Korea as soon as possible
KIM JONG IL had throughout his revolutionary lifetime one guiding principle, that was to serve the people. In every form of activity, KIM JONG IL put the interests and aspirations of the working people at the forefront. It was the maxim of Leader KIM JONG IL that we must have a bring flower into bloom even on a rock, if this is what the people desire. KIM JONG IL travelled 669,844 miles for field guidance, which is the equivalent to 17 round trips across the Earth. In the last year of his Great Life, KIM JONG IL paid extensive visits to the Peoples Republic of China and the Russian Federation. Just before his untimely demise, KIM JONG IL gave field guidance to the Kwangbok Supermarket and the Hana Electronics Centre, in Mangyondae District, Pyongyang, among many other places in December 2011.  Leader KIM JONG IL passed away on a moving train on December 17th, 2011, while conducting field guidance work for the material and ideological well being of the Korean people.

The recent demise of the Strategic Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, saw the reaffirmation of the intimate class ties between Cuba and the DPRK. During his lifetime, Fidel Castro appreciated the crucial role of the DPRK as a bastion of socialism and anti-imperialism. KIM JONG IL stressed the need for socialist countries and revolutionary movements to unite, in his interview with the newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party, "Granma", in October 1989. Proletarian Internationalism and Global Independence were the credo of KIM JONG IL throughout all his thoughts and deeds. It was KIM JONG IL who initiated " The Pyongyang Declaration" in April, 1992, which galvanized all the socialist parties and movements throughout the world, to take joint action and re-establish the traditions of proletarian internationalism.

KIM JONG UN has inherited the revolutionary heritage of KIM JONG IL and has turned out in the offensive to make the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea into a thriving socialist nation. The ideological and material conditions for the Korean people are improving under KIM JONG UN's leadership, to the point where the citizens of the DPRK envy no one in the world. KIM JONG UN has consolidated the system of KIM JONG IL's socialist patriotism and proclaimed the grand programme of constructing the prosperous and powerful socialist country centred on the principles of self-development. The ideology and practice of General Secretary KIM JONG IL were triumphant at the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea in May, 2016 and Chairman KIM JONG UN will lead the Party and the People of the DPRK to the ultimate victory of the Kimjongilist cause.

It is virtually impossible to convey to the audience in such a short speech, the life and work of KIM JONG IL. KIM JONG IL was one of the greatest and most influential leaders of our time, his accomplishments are so many and varied. To lose one of your parents, is extremely distressing and painful, but the Korean people have turned their sorrow over losing the father of their destiny  into great strength.  The Great Leader General KIM JONG IL will live forever in the hearts and minds of the Korean people, and the Great General KIM JONG IL will always be regarded as the Sun of Independence and Songun by progressive humanity.




A speech given to a commemorative meeting in honour of the 5th anniversary of the passing away of the General Secretary KIM JONG IL in London, December 10th, by Shaun Pickford.
Shaun Pickford is currently Secretary General of the Juche Idea Study Group of Britain and has been to the DPRK six times.

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