Friday, 3 June 2016

UK KFA denounces the latest UK sanctions on People's Korea

The UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a statement concerning the recent imposition of sanctions on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea by the UK government :
  Now the UK copying the EU and US has imposed more sanctions on the DPRK. On the 1st of June the UK Treasury announced more sanctions on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , effective from the 29th of May , these follow the EU sanctions announced on the 27th of May as well recent US financial sanctions announced on the 1st of June.
  These sanctions include"Transfer funds to and from North Korea unless the funds are for a specific
purpose as listed in the Regulation;Transfer any funds over EUR 15,000 without specific  authorisation from HM Treasury"apparently non compliance with the sanctions is a criminal offence.
  The sanctions basically ban most trade between the DPRK and UK. They are an a hostile act against the DPRK  and are an act of aggression . The sanctions undermine the claim of the UK government to be developing 'exchange and co-operation ' with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea , indeed such sanctions reduce such exchange and co-operation to virtually zero.
     Clearly it is the aim of the British imperialists , acting as subordinate allies to the US and European Union to try and undermine the DPRK's economic development . However the DPRK will overcome these sanctions by dint of self-reliance and the self-development first idea . 
 It is indeed shameful that all UK governments since WW2 no matter which party have always grovelled to the US. When the US says "jump" the British government asks "how high ?".
   Although it is our conviction that the sanctions will have no effect on the DPRK we nevertheless call for the sanctions to be lifted immediately as they are basically an unfriendly act towards the DPRK and impair the development of good relations between the people's of the UK and DPRK.
Britain should break with the US inspired policy of hostility towards the DPRK and instead pursue an truly independent policy aimed at developing mutually beneficial relations in all fields.



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