Monday, 26 July 2021

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan for Trying to Cover Up Hideous Crime against Humanity

Pyongyang, July 26 (KCNA) -- Japan tries cunningly to cover up the history of forced labor of Koreans in Hashima Coal Mine.

The World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO expressed deep regret over the fact that the Japanese government has not opened to the world public the above-said history of forced labor although it is obliged to do so, and urged Japan to do what it has to do. But Japan is displeased with it.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said that Japan has so far honestly accepted and faithfully implemented the resolutions and recommendations of the World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO, adding that Japan would make appropriate response.

It is crystal clear that his provocative remarks are prompted by the sinister design to cover up the crimes Japan committed by exploiting the Korean nation during its colonial rule over Korea and to evade the responsibility.

The said coal mine is still remembered by Koreans and Japanese as a hell for its worst living environment and working conditions and the murderous labor forced by the Japanese imperialists on Koreans and extreme national discrimination.

That's why the committee made Japan, which tried to have Hashima Island, etc. registered as world cultural heritage sites in 2015, pledge itself "to take a proper measure to commemorate the Korean victims." The committee also adopted a decision obliging Japan to do so.

But Japan has persistently denied the forced labor of Koreans in Hashima Coal Mine, far from keeping its pledge and carrying out the decision of the international body.

Not content with opening an industrial heritage center in Tokyo, where pieces of false information are on display, Japan made no scruple of saying that it was to implement the resolution of the committee.

Japan's act of defying the decision and urge of an international organization, vivid expression of arrogance, impudence and moral vulgarity peculiar to Japan taking it as easy as pie to violate justice and conscience of humanity, clearly proves how desperately the Japanese regime works to deny Japan's past crimes.

The Japanese politicians are making desperate efforts to cover up the heinous unethical crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists after setting distortion of history as their national policy, saying that the proper understanding of the past crimes is little short of "self-tormenting outlook on history".

It is the real intention of the cunning Japanese reactionaries that if they persistently deny the past crimes, the world people will accept their false propaganda as the truth.

But Japan is mistaken.

No matter how desperately the Japanese authorities try to deny the past crimes, the international community remains unchanged in its negative view on Japan.

Japan should behave with discretion, bearing in mind that it is legally and morally obliged to sincerely reflect on the past crimes and make reparation for them. -0-

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