Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Everlasting Feats of War Victory Which Will Go Down Forever in History

68 years have passed since the fireworks were set off in the clear sky of our motherland in celebration of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.

Notwithstanding the passage of years – so many years as to transform rivers and mountains – our people and world progressive peoples are looking back with warm feelings on the undying feats of President Kim Il Sung who firmly defended the independent cause of humankind and the world peace and security, and they pay high tributes to the President with boundless reverence.

The Fatherland Liberation War – where our Republic, less than two years after its birth, had fought fierce battles against the allied forces of imperialism for full three years – was not an ordinary war which had usually revolved around national sovereignty and territory, but an ideological confrontation between socialism and capitalism and an acute class war between independent force and aggressive force.

At that time, the imperialists would not accept that our Republic and many other progressive countries develop into socialist countries with greater economic and military potentials, considering them as a thorn in their flesh. Thus, the imperialists unleashed barbarous Korean War in an attempt to conquer at an earliest possible time the DPRK, a bridgehead in realizing their strategy for world supremacy and, by extension, to nip the world socialist and communist camp in its bud.

American book “Modern History of America” mentioned that the history had never seen the case like the Korean War where all preparations were so completely made before the outbreak of war. And fact-finding mission of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers pointed out in its report after the visit to the DPRK that the Korean War should be viewed as one initial stage for world war, endangering the entire globe. All these facts vividly attest to the gravity and severity of the Korean War.

When the world was only worrying over the destiny of Korea, President Kim Il Sung, who had embodied ardent love for the fatherland and people and noble international mission as a great communist, led the war on the basis of outstanding military idea, Juche-based warfare method and brilliant strategy and tactics, thus giving the enemies the finishing stroke and achieving great victories.

Allied forces of imperialism were so reckless in provoking the Korean War that they dragged over two-million-strong troops – more than enough to carry out one full-scale world war – and even brought in a number of military “strategists.” But what they earned from the Korean War was nothing but disgrace and defeat, and this came as a result of the gifted stratagem and brilliant warfare method laid out by the great President.

The President gave a telling blow to the imperialists who, while boasting of being the “strongest” in the world, trampled over the destinies of the sovereign states, and he defended the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK and the lifeline of international communist movement. He also provided a historic occasion that served to greatly encourage the anti-imperialist national liberation struggles of the oppressed peoples across the world. These are the unprecedented feats of war victory accomplished by the great President, which are etched in golden letters in the history of international communist movement.

So much so that during wartime, Stalin earnestly said to our ordinary hero platoon leader that it is the first and foremost duty not only of the Korean people but also of all the world communists to faithfully defend great Comrade Kim Il Sung. The world progressive peoples are still expressing their high admiration, saying that there would have been another world war and genuine peace been gone forever from this planet if it hadn’t been for the DPRK, and the greatest exploit of President Kim Il Sung is having safeguarded peace and security of the world by prevailing over the imperialist aggressors.

Sun’s history continues to move forward.

The great leaders led the cause of global independence to victory with their brilliant ideology and theory, and with their outstanding revolutionary practices through their whole life. Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un perfectly carries forward the intentions of the great leaders. As we have another peerlessly great leader Comrade Kim Jong Un at the forefront of our revolution, victory of socialism is certain, and the victorious July 27 will go down forever along with a new independent world to be achieved by the humankind.

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