Monday, 26 July 2021

Brilliant Fruition of Fervent Love

The past Fatherland Liberation War was so grim and arduous as to determine survival or death of our fatherland and people.

The war was likened to a confrontation between a rifle and an atomic bomb. No one ever thought that the new-born Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) would win this war. But our people and army, firmly rallied with a single mind around President Kim Il Sung – the ever-victorious and iron-willed brilliant commander – defeated the formidable aggressive forces, thus performing the military miracle of the 20th century.

It was not military strength alone that brought about such a great victory of our people.

The ardent love of President Kim Il Sung encouraged our people to display matchless bravery and score victory. Even in those fierce days of war, he formulated out of burning love for humankind people-oriented policies that no one could ever imagine.

Thanks to the boundless and fervent love of President Kim Il Sung for the people, the blueprint was worked out for the triumphant fatherland and people-oriented policies were enforced one after another – unprecedented in the annals of war – unfolding a miraculous reality even amid the harsh situation of war.

It was a world-shaking event that the universal free medical care system was enforced during the war, not the peaceful times.

President Kim Il Sung took a series of public health policies in the grim period of war and saw to it that the Cabinet Decision No. 203 “On Enforcing Free Medical Care System for the People” was promulgated on November 13, 1952. From January 1953, a few months later, the universal free medical care system was introduced.

Many other people-oriented policies were also adopted during the days of war.

President Kim Il Sung took measures to take good care of the bereaved families of patriotic martyrs and war victims by ensuring that the state took the responsibility for upbringing all the bereaved children and war orphans and adopting a Cabinet decision on the establishment of schools for bereaved children on January 13, 1951 and a Cabinet decision on state and social security on August 30, 1951.

Thanks to such measures, a dreamlike reality came true whereby schools for bereaved children, orphans’ primary schools and baby homes were built across the country leaving no children, be they orphans, homeless and roaming about even in the wartime; and a legend was born of school textbooks being delivered by army vehicles to children.

All these are the priceless results of the eternal love of President Kim Il Sung, who regards the people as the heaven and they were also his boundless benevolence unique to the great father with a natural disposition of loving posterity and future.

This love inspired our people to defend their dear fatherland with undying mettle at the cost of their youth and life, and transformed the fatherland into a powerful socialist paradise guaranteeing the future of our posterity forever.

Even today our people are demonstrating to the world the dignity of a powerful country, with this ardent love deep in their heart and soul.

Under the ardent love of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who devotes his all to the bliss of the people and bright future of our children, our people will soon build on this land the most powerful country to be proud of before the world.

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