Wednesday, 10 May 2017

KCNA Issues Report on Epochal Advance in Building Socialist Power

 Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency released a report on Monday on the epochal advance made in the drive for building a socialist power during the past one year since the Seventh Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea.

    The report says:

    The past one year proved once again the validity of the strategic line set forth at the Seventh Congress of the WPK and the truth that Korean-style socialism is invincible.

    The Korean army and people have achieved miraculous successes in the drive for building a socialist power during the past one year.

    The political and ideological position of the Korean revolution was firmly consolidated through the struggle for modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism which the Party Congress set forth, and the loyalty of the Korean army and people to hold the Party and the leader was fully displayed.

    A statue of leader Kim Jong Il was erected in Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province.

    Mosaics depicting the portraits of smiling President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and their images were erected at many units across the country and the Korean Revolution Museum was successfully remodeled.

    The military might of the DPRK with the nuclear force as a pivot was bolstered up in every way under the outstanding Songun guidance of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

    Test-fires of ground to ground medium-and-long range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-10, new strategic weapon, and of strategic submarine ballistic missile successfully took place. Preparations for the test-fire of inter-continental ballistic rocket reached the final stage. These eye-opening events witnessed one after another in bolstering up the national defence capabilities.

    The general offensive to hasten the building of an economic power was dynamically waged and the 200-day campaign of loyalty to make a breakthrough in carrying out the five-year strategy for national economic development was declared.

    Manpower and material and technical potentials of the country were all mobilized and concentrated to recover the unprecedentedly flood-hit northern parts of North Hamgyong Province and vast targets were hit on each front of the 200-day campaign.

    Service personnel and builders built Ryomyong Street in a matter of just one year.

    Scientists and technicians succeeded in the ground jet test of new type high-thrust engine for a geo-stationary satellite carrier rocket.

    In the field of science and technology lots of scientific and technological problems were solved including the establishment of Korean-style unmanned model production system and completion of the technology of producing electrode for UHP electric arc furnace.

    Successes were also achieved in the fields of metal, chemistry, agriculture, light industry, fishery, construction, education and public health.

    The proud reality of the DPRK dashing ahead towards the eminence of a powerful socialist country proved in practice the iron-willed truth that nobody can block the advance of the Workers' Party of Korea and the Korean people who are turning out in a general do-or-die campaign. -0-

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