Friday, 19 May 2017

A miserable end

A miserable end

Fifty-six years have elapsed since the Park Chung-hee military fascist junta staged bloody military coup under the wire-pulling of the US.

The military coup staged by Park on May 16, 1961 was an unpardonable criminal act as it turned south Korea into a dark land of pro-US fascist dictatorship and trampled down the struggle of the south Korean people for democracy.

The south Koreans' action for democracy against fascism and national reunification had reached its height with the April 19 popular resistance which led the dismissal of Syngman Rhee. It shook the colonial ruling system of the US to its very foundation.

Astounded by it, Uncle Sam incited its poodle Park to stage the military coup to set up the military junta in order to maintain its colonial rule.

After usurping power through the illegal military coup, he declared "anti-communism" as a state policy and saw to it that many draconian laws were enacted. He pursued horrendous suppressive politics backed by intelligence while expanding the riot police and machineries. The Park military junta ruthlessly repressed and slaughtered those who were against the treacherous policy of the authorities and supported national reunification.

South Korea was reduced into a huge prison without bars.

Park Chung-hee, who committed immeasurable crimes against the nation, was assassinated by his confidant on October 26, 1979.  

His daughter Park Geun-hye, who followed in the footsteps of her father, was imprisoned by the public curse and criticism.  

The period of Park's power was sequence of misfortune of the south Korean people.

She, during her tenure of office, branded the progressive organizations and figures who called for democracy in south Korea, improvement of inter-Korean ties and reunification and even those who requested the right to live as the "pro-north forces" and "forces for overthrowing south Korea".

Those who are running counter to the public sentiment would face an unhappy end like "yusin" despot and Park Geun-hye.

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