Saturday, 27 May 2017

Extreme End of Impudence

Extreme End of Impudence
There was the first official trial of Park Geun-hye who had been indicted on charges of the special political scandal at the Seoul Central District Court on May 23 and 25.
The public and world's attention were riveted on the trial as Park is the third ex-president who stood at the bar.
Park, with a haggard face, was taken to the court under guard with number 503 attached on her convict clothes, her hands handcuffed.
The prosecution side clarified that it would prove the abuse of power by Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil, terming the case the abuse of "state power", drive for private interests and cozy relationship with business conglomerates.
Park and her group demanded not-guilty, asserting that there is no evidence proving bribery and conspiracy, the prosecution side charged her on presumption, far from reflecting on her misdeed or making apology.
Broad segments of people and mass media sharply rebuked haughty attitude of Park who denied all the indicted facts.
The Democratic Party, the People’s Party, the Justice Party and the Bareun Party urged Park to plead guilty and redeem all her crimes.
Park is ignorant of why she was impeached and faced trial, judges may have thought how this kind of narrow-minded woman was elected as president, a lawyer of conservative politician said.
He continued that he thought Park would make openhearted apology in the trial, he was foolish enough to think so and he burnt with shame for he assisted her for four years.
Men differ from brutes in that they can think and they have conscience and obligation.

No matter how desperately Park and her coteries try to lengthen their miserable end already sealed, it is inescapable that they meet a stern judgment by the enraged nation.

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