Thursday, 11 May 2017

Build a society for workers!

On May 1, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions held a meeting in Seoul and other areas of south Korea on the occasion of the May Day, international holiday of the working people in the world.
About 20 000 workers took part in the meeting in Seoul. At the meeting they said that THAAD have been deployed illegally and no presidential candidates uttered a word of suspension or withdrawal of the THAAD as the US is forcing south Korea to pay US dollars as the cost for the THAAD deployment.
The KCTU would enter a general strike on June 30 with broad segments of people right after the end of the presidential election, they noted.
They strongly demanded wage hike, abolishment of part-time jobs, guarantee for right of labor union, incarceration of business tycoons, dissolution of conglomerate, investigation into sunken ferry Sewol and withdrawal of THAAD deployment.
After the end of the meeting, they marched toward the Gwanghwamun Plaza.
The Solidarity for Progress issued a statement on the same day.
With unflinching candlelight action in the face of exploitation and suppression, the candlelight of working people ousted Park Geun–hye from presidency, the statement said. It pointed out that it provided a springboard for liquidation of abuse of power and graft and building of a new society.
However, the wretched plight of workers remains unchanged and the workers across south Korea are carrying on action in demand of the right to live, it noted.

The workers’ struggle would go on and the Solidarity for Progress will stand in the van, it declared. 

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