Monday, 29 May 2017

Deputy Permanent Representative of DPRK Mission to UN Calls Press Conference

 Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- The deputy permanent representative of the DPRK mission to the United Nations called a press conference on May 26 as regards the issue of formation of an international forum of legal experts to clarify the legal ground of UNSC's "sanctions resolutions" against the DPRK.

    He condemned the U.S. and its vassal forces for pulling up the DPRK over its steps for bolstering nuclear deterrence for self-defence, including the recent successful test-fire of ground-to-ground medium-to-long range strategic ballistic missile Pukguksong-2.

    Noting that the UNSC and the UN Secretariat are blindly following the U.S., he said that they must clearly distinguish who is responsible for the current critical situation on the Korean peninsula and should behave in fair and with cautions.

    The root cause of the present situation of the Korean peninsula inching to the brink of war is the U.S. which has continued staging the provocative joint military exercises for aggression by introducing all kinds of nuclear strategic assets, he said, and went on:

    We made several requests to the UN Security Council to discuss the issue of the joint military exercises that intimidate the peace and security on the Korean peninsula as its emergency agenda. And we sent letters to the UN secretary-general as well, demanding him to bring the attention of the issue to the Security Council.

    However, the UN Secretariat turned its back to our fair requests, and rather picked a quarrel only with our legitimate exercise of the right to self-defence against the U.S. nuclear threats and blackmails as violation of the "sanctions resolutions".

    It has so far kept silent to our requests to organize an international forum of legal experts for clarification of legal grounds of the "sanctions resolutions".

    In order to put an end to the illegal and inhumane evil conduct continuing like a traditional practice in the UN Security Council, the permanent mission of the DPRK to the UN made a proposal in January 2017 to the UN Secretariat on holding an international forum of legal experts either in New York or Geneva to clarify the legal ground of "sanctions resolutions".

    But after our proposal on organizing the international forum of legal experts, the U.S. employed reptile broadcasting service to spin out preposterous sophistries about the legal ground of "sanctions resolutions" against the DPRK, quoting the non-expert opinions of those who are unaware of even international laws.

    If the United States has anything to say, they should come out and speak out at the international forum of legal experts, instead of spreading unreasonable words by using those who do not even know about international laws.

    The reality fully shows that organizing the international forum of legal experts to investigate the legal ground of ''sanctions resolutions'' is all the more pressing.

    The international forum of legal experts is a place where the legality of ''sanctions resolutions'' can be clarified fairly from the international law perspective.

    In March 2017, the permanent mission of the DPRK to the UN proposed to the UN Secretariat that the governmental and non-governmental experts from all states and international legal organizations could attend the international forum as they wish and the agenda of the forum could also be agreed upon reasonably in full reflection of the wishes and opinions of the attendants.

    These kinds of requests for international forum of legal experts have been made to the Secretariat for over 20 times afterwards in various ways through such as letters to the Secretary-General, press statements of the mission, press conferences and interviews.

    Now we are totally disappointed at inability of the Secretariat that could not even make decision of the issue organizing the international forum of legal experts, and it is quite absurd that the Secretariat, which could not make clarification of the legality of the "resolutions", still claims for any implementation of them.

    The Secretariat of the UN, whose basic mission is to ensure global peace and security, should fulfill its responsibility before the international community by positively responding to our proposal for organization of the international forum of legal experts to clarify the legal ground of the "sanctions resolutions" against the DPRK.

    Before pulling up the DPRK over its bolstering nuclear forces for self-defence, the Security Council and the Secretariat of the United Nations should judge out calmly who really maintains peace of the Korean peninsula and keep impartiality and prudence in dealing with international matters. -0

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