Saturday, 27 May 2017

Vice Foreign Minister Snipes at U.S. and Its Allies' Talk about "Additional Sanctions" against DPRK

  Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK Pak Myong Guk issued a statement Friday as the U.S. and its followers are calling for "additional sanctions" on the DPRK, much upset by its consecutive steps for bolstering the nuclear force.

    As its scenario was rebuffed by many countries not wanting the escalation of tensions, the U.S. has gone sly to create an "atmosphere" critical of the DPRK in a bid to attain its sordid purpose, the statement said, and went on:

    Some countries known as U.S. allies respectively issued protest statements at the U.S. beck and call.

    The DPRK does not pay even the slightest attention to these countries which blindly toe the U.S. line, away from justice and principle.

    What the DPRK would like to take note of is the fact that a few countries are dancing to the U.S. tune even though they are not its allies.

    They termed the DPRK's rocket launches violation of "resolutions" of the UN Security Council. If the steps of the DPRK are the reason of their unreasonable behavior, it is an expression of their ignorance or deliberate defiance of the fact that the "resolutions" are just the product of double-standards devoid of any legal grounds.

    The DPRK requested the UN Security Council several times to clarify the legal grounds of its "resolutions on sanctions" on the DPRK and, to this end, proposed an international forum of legal experts to the UN Secretariat. But it has not yet received any answer.

    What is all the more problematic is that the few countries failed to utter even a word about the nuclear carrier task forces and strategic nuclear subs brought by the U.S. to the waters off the Korean peninsula to push the situation to the brink of a war, even though they talk much about peace and stability on the peninsula and the region while "faulting" and expressing "concerns" about the DPRK's rocket launches.

    They do not dare mention the U.S. moves when talking about the situation on the Korean peninsula, the most typical characteristics of vassal states bereft of independence and courage.

    The DPRK has bolstered the nuclear deterrence for self-defence in every way to tackle the U.S. extreme hostile policy and nuclear threat and blackmail.

    To turn away from the root cause of the escalation of tensions but to denounce the DPRK's inevitable option for self-defence caused by it is just an act of "flattering" and "brown-nosing" to the backstage manipulators, rather than an expression of stand prompted by the respect for international law and regulations and the aspiration for world peace and stability.

    If these countries are truly interested in international peace and stability, they should not toe the U.S. line but take the lead in realizing international justice. -0-

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