Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Disgusting Practices

The opposition Liberty Korea Party, the stronghold of south Korean conservatism, is making a shouting match within the party over the defeat in the 19th-term presidential election and supremacy of new party leadership. It is reminiscent of hyenas’ fight for a lump of meat, becoming a laughing stock of the public.

Leading members of the LKP at an informal gathering held on May 17 spouted a flurry of invective each other.

The members of the non-Park faction openly sniped at high-ranking party members and the pro-Park faction, underscoring the necessity of reflection and renovation.

Hong Joon-pyo, who suffered defeat in the presidential election on the ticket of the LKP, expressed his strong repugnancy toward the pro-Park faction in the US through the SNS, while satirizing it as a cockroach.

On May 21, Hong asserted that through his facebook if a few pro-Park members undermine the LKP all party members would reproach the former.

The pro-Park faction sharply noted that Hong who sustained defeat in the presidential race is well advised to behave with prudence and it is a custom to withdraw from the political circle.

Ten members of the opposition Bareun Party, which declared breakaway from the pro-Park group in January, resigned their membership of the Bareun Party and joined the LKP in the early May. However, it triggered a strong backlash from the pro-Park group and helped sinking of the LKP.    

The LKP’s popularity rating dropped to 8 percent in recent public opinion polls and it is 7 percent below in a survey before the presidential election as it is keen on the party hegemony and cohesion of conservatism utterly indifferent to the lives of the people.

In recent public opinion polls in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, a hub of conservatism, the LKP lagged behind the ruling Democratic Party.

It is quite natural that the LKP, steeped in pro-US and enmity toward compatriots to the marrow of its bones, flounders in a dilemma.

The final ruin of the LKP is approaching inch by inch.

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