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Reportback Meeting of JISGE, ASSPUK and UK KFA 20.05.2017

The Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK, the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association held a meeting on the 20th of May at 2pm in central London to report back from the recent visit to the DPRK and to express full solidarity with People's Korea against US and wold imperialism including supporting the rocket test of the DPRK .
The meeting was attended by members of the ASSPUK, JISGE , UK KFA and also the general public.
 Dr Dermot Hudson President of the ASSPUK and Chairman of the JISGE said that " Before we travelled to People's Korea there were all kinds of crazy reports of imminent war on the Korean peninsula and talk of a US aircraft strike carrier group heading towards the DPRK to mount  a pre-emptive strike on the DPRK . There were rumours of all flights been cancelled and of Pyongyang being evacuated. This proved false .Pyongyang was full of people both Koreans and foreigners , aircraft were flying and there was a calm , peaceful and almost dreamy atmosphere. No one we spoke to was worried or frightened by Trumps threats .No one cared a fig for what Trump was saying.Everyone was calm and strong. In many parts of the globe imperialist aircraft intrude into the skies but in Pyongyang and other parts of the DPRK the skies are free from imperialist aircraft , indeed visiting the Fatherland Liberation War Museum we saw the wreckage of the EC121 US imperialist spy plane shot down by KPA fighter aircraft on the 15th of April 1969.....   Undoubtedly the high point of the visit was the April 15th grand military parade and mass civilian demonstration. That day rain had been predicted but instead the weather was bright and sunny leaving us with a slight sun tan . The parade was attended in person by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , chairman of the Workers Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK . Before the parade started vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and vice-chairman of the WPK comrade Choe Ryong Hae made a speech which pointed out that "  The U.S. is creating the phase of a war while resorting to frantic nuclear war provocation moves against the DPRK, the speaker said, stressing that if it makes reckless provocation, the Korean revolutionary armed forces will immediately mount an annihilating blow and answer an all-out war in kind and a nuclear war with Korean-style nuclear strike.". The parade was most disciplined, precise and yet at the same time enthusiastic and buoyant. We saw detachments of armed university students marching. The DPRK has an all-people defence system so that in the event of war everyone will take up weapons and fight the US imperialists to the last person.
 For the first time we saw special forces troops of the Korean People's Army equipped with the very latest gear . I am convinced that the Korean People's Army could liberate south Korea and reunify the country finally ending the existence of the reactionary ,decadent anti-people fascist puppet regime of south Korea.  We also saw Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles and massive ICBMs thundered by. After the military it was the turn of the civilians who staged a most colourful mass parade tangibly demonstrating the unity of the people around the leader and Party . There were slogans about defending socialism , about the Juche idea and about self-development first . When the civilian parade finished dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN waved to the audience, we broke into rapturous applause , the respected Marshal waved to us , his face looked bright and happy....
   Our delegation called on the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south  Korea(AINDF), the underground revolutionary organisation of south Korea which upholds the great Juche idea. We conversed the head of the mission comrade Zo Il Min in a friendly and cordial manner. We were shown videos showing the just struggle of the south Korean people against the corrupt and despotic Park Geun Hye regime and also the aggressive warmongering exercises of the US imperialists and south Korean puppets as well the struggle of the south Korean and world progressive people. We had a discussion on how to best support and invigorate  the struggle of the south Korean people and the AINDF for independent reunification. We were entertained with a wonderful meal including the excellent kochugang hot pepper sauce .
   Militant anti-imperialism was very much an integral part of our visit . We visited the Fatherland Liberation War Museum which details  both how the US imperialists provoked the Korean War and the defeat of the US imperialists. We also visited the new expanded and reconstructed Sinchon Museum . I had visited it in October 2015 but it was the first time for the other members of my delegation to see it. Here we learnt in graphic detail of the barbaric and sub-human atrocities committed by the US imperialists against the innocent Korean people. We saw anti US posters and the song "Death to the US imperialist aggressors " was being played  over the PA system as background music. I addressed a revenge pledging gathering of Korean people becoming the first foreigner to do so. !

Shaun Pickford secretary general of the JISGE and chairman of Staffordshire Korean Friendship Association said that " On arriving in Pyongyang, I found the atmosphere in the  DPRK to be very tranquil and stable, a million miles away from all the hysteria generated by the Western mass media. Indeed the DPRK is a society free from crime, poverty, disorder and terrorism. The renovated Pyongyang International Airport made for a pleasant passenger  experience, the new Pyongyang airport was opened in July, 2015. Compared to other international airports, the one at Pyongyang combines efficiency and friendliness. To say the DPRK is isolated, is complete nonsense, as I encountered tourists from many countries at the airport, including from the British based Saga Travel.
One ambition of mine was realised, when I had the chance to visit The Kumsusan Palace Of The Sun, on my other DPRK trips I was unable to go there. The modern history of Korea and the global struggle for social progress is inconceivable without the leadership of President Kim IL Sung and Chairman Kim Jong IL. As somebody who has been studying and disseminating the Juche Idea for many years, I wanted to pay my respects to the teachers and leaders of human emancipation, Kim IL Sung and Kim Jong IL. It was really poignant that in the afternoon of April 15th, the Day of The Sun, I that paid my regards to the Great Leader President Kim IL Sung and the Great Leader Chairman Kim Jong IL, with a sincere heart. I silently wished the Great President a happy 105th birthday and knew that Kim IL Sung behests will be eternal. I felt particularly emotionally on seeing the final resting place of Kim Jong IL, who passed away in December, 2011 on a moving train in the course of his revolutionary activities. The Kumsusan Palace Of The Sun was opened on July 8th, 1995 and was further refurbished by the order of Kim Jong Un in 2012 so as to perpetuate the memory of Kim IL Sung and Kim Jong IL as the Suns of Juche.
To understand the acute situation on the Korean peninsula,  a visit to The Sinchon Museum in South Hwanghae Province is required. The original museum had been reconditioned in 2014 and has many graphic reconstructions of those events. As I entered the grounds of the museum, I was confronted by the sheer horror of those occurrences more than sixty years ago. On one side of the steps leading to the museum's entrance, there is a mass grave containing the bodies of mothers and on the other slant, a collective grave for the children's bodies. Even before entering the museum building, I had to get to grips with the atrocious nature of US Imperialism"

David Munoz de Castro UK KFA organisation secretary said that " could see many changes during our way from Sunan to Pyongyang.New houses, repainted houses and peaceful villages.
On the arrival I could see the already built Ryomyong street. When we visited the DPRK last year they had not even started with the construction. They were not the only thing I could see from my route to the hotel. I could see new buildings and very modern built throughout the city and others in the process of construction.
Upon arriving at the hotel we realized that it had been rebuilt and improved with a model statue of the hotel in the center of the reception.
90 delegates from 20 countries arrived in Pyongyang-
During our visit we were able to visit many places that we had not had the opportunity to see last year like the Orphans Primary School. I remember that last year was still under construction. There we could see the excellent conditions in which the orphans live. Unlike the poor conditions in which they live in capitalist countries where the resources do not reach them or to have the opportunity to study and where the only hope of the orphans is that they are adopted by a family with money.
In the DPRK the orphans live a life equal to others, with education and a dignified life with the same opportunities and where the state takes care of them as part of the vanguard and future of Korean socialism."

Dr Hudson denounced US imperialism's war threats and made a speech about the Hwasong-12 rocket launch saying that " Basically the DPRK had done what it said it would do and test a ballistic missile that was capable of carrying  a heavy nuclear warhead. Actions always speak louder than words . The DPRK guided by the great Juche idea and Songun idea is a country which always means what it says and says what it means. The DPRK a country of some 120,000 or so square kilometres with a population of some 25 million was put under immense pressure, in fact intimidation and bullying , not to the test the rocket. The opposition came not just from the US imperialists and their crazy buffoon like President ,Trump, but also the big power-chauvinists and international revisionists who had whined and bleated that the
DPRK should 'exercise restraint'  etc .Such countries dance to the tune of the US imperialists and in fact basically sold out to US imperialism years ago  proclaimed a so-called 'open door ' to the imperialists and capitalists and'reform ' and 'opening up' !Today it is Juche Korea that is upholding
the line of anti-US,anti-imperialist struggle and is ready to battle it in the final showdown with
US imperialism should the US imperialists provoke a war . Indeed the Hwasong-12 rocket test shows that the DPRK under the leadership of dear respectedMarshal KIM JONG UN is holding fast to the revolutionary line of Songun by defying the threats ,diktat and bullying of the US imperialists . The DPRK was totally unbowed by the successive UNSC sanctions that have applied to the DPRK since 2006. Honest minded people have to admit that it is only the DPRK in the world that is standing up to US imperialism and is not afraid of it ."

Other speakers and participants in the meeting  denounced US imperialist war threats against People's Korea and called for increased solidarity such as pickets etc .

Dr Hudson spoke about the Kwangju uprising  against the south Korean puppets and US imperialism  in 1980 saying that "The Kwangju uprising, which lasted 9 days , added a new chapter to the history of the struggle of the south Korean people for independence ,democracy and reunification .  The participants of the Kwangju uprising showed remarkable courage and determination in the face of intense fascist repression by the south Korean puppet reactionaries and the Yankee imperialists."  Dr Hudson also said that "the US imperialists are the true author of the Kwangju massacre. US imperialism has the blood of 5,000 south Koreans on its hands!" . It was stressed that south Korea is stil a puppet regime of the US despite the change of 'government' and that US troops must be withdrawn from south Korea . It is important to step up the struggle to support the AINDF the vanguard of the south Korean people .

A solidarity resolution was adopted  and also a message to the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN .

A exhibition of the works of the great leader President KIM  IL SUNG , Chairman KIM JONG IL and respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as well as books on the Juche Idea and Songun idea and the publications of the ASSPUk, JISGE and UK KFA was held.

Refreshments were served.

A cultural evening was held which included the music of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble as well as the stated merited chorus. Meeting concluded at 7.45pm

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