Friday, 26 May 2017

S. Korean Conservatives Slammed for Checking Repair of North-South Relations

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman of the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation released a statement on Thursday denouncing the desperate moves of the south Korean conservatives to obstruct the mending of the north-south relations.

    The statement said:

    Jong U Thaek, floor leader from the "Liberal Korea Party", Hong Jun Phyo who lost the "presidential" race and other die-hard conservatives spout a load of rubbish every day, asserting that the regime should face up to the essence of the north's stance and there should be no dialogue with it unless it abandons its nuclear and missile programs.

    Conservative media including Chosun Ilbo and Dong-A Ilbo are noisily talking that it is a wild dream to repair the south-north ties through dialogue and that the north might take advantage of it for intensifying nuclear weaponization and that the "government" must send the north a strong message.

    Such hideous moves against the nation are chilling the growing expectation and desire of all Koreans for improved north-south relations and national reunification and stoking the north-south confrontation.

    Today to mend the north-south relations has become a crucial issue decisive of whether to pave the path for peace, stability and prosperity on the Korean peninsula or to invite disaster of confrontation and nuclear war. Repairing the north-south ties is just what all Koreans desire most, before being a demand of certain authorities and factions.

    The group of conservatives in south Korea has gone so ridiculous and foolish as to work hard to put a brake on the improvement of the north-south relations, saying this or that about the crucial issue of the nation.

    Such desperate moves are just a revelation of the conservatives' uneasiness that they might face ruin after totally losing their position if the north-south relations are mended to push their confrontation policy to a real flop, now that they are in the grip of extreme crisis due to the impeachment of Park Geun Hye and their defeat in the "presidential" election.

    The improvement of the north-south relations is an irresistible trend of the times and the group of conservatives should awake from the wild dream.

    Their persistent moves to check the repair of the north-south relations against the desire of all Koreans and the trend of the times will only precipitate their miserable end as dregs of history. -0-

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