Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Fates of Women Reflected in Two Songs

Today in Korea you can find a song that everyone young and old love to sing.
The song is Woman is a flower containing the happy features of Korean women who are in bloom as the flower of country and life thanks to policy for people under the socialist system.
But in south Korea a song Woman isn’t a flower is being sung as a pop.
A writer in south Korea fascinated by the beauty of girls’ cheering group of Pyongyang companied by the athletes attended in the 14th Asian games in Pusan of south Korea in September Juche 91(2002) wrote in the title of “The flower cheering party of Pyongyang” as follows:
Thanks to the policy of Leader Kim Jong Il for treating warmly women in North Korea, they are fully proud of their beauty in such a wonderful paradise of women.
They don’t know the difference between man and woman and the rich and poor.
All people live in great harmonious family loving and helping each other.
Especially women are being loved as a flower and are singing their happiness.
They are in full bloom as the “flower of country” and “flower of life”.
So the song Woman isn’t a flower is resounding on this land whereas the song Woman is a flower is cheerfully resounding in north Korea.”
Whenever a member of institute for women’s rights in south Korea wrote in the title of “our women should be flowers.” as follows:
Woman isn’t a flower and Woman is a flower
What is the reason that the two different songs are resounding in the homogeneous nation lived with one blood vessel, language and customs for 5 000 years?
From the olden times, woman is regarded as a flower, the symbol of beauty.
How could we think that woman is not a flower?
Women in south Korea are dying and fading in such a tundra.
The song Woman isn’t a flower denounces the injustice policy of maltreating and disgracing women.”

As one drop of water deflects all universes, the songs represent the different fates of women in north and south Korea.

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