Tuesday, 2 May 2017

KCNA Commentary Hits out at Park Geun Hye's Trick to Prolong Her Remaining Days

    Pyongyang, May 2 (KCNA) -- Traitor Park Geun Hye of south Korea thrown into the Seoul Detention House is playing a trick to prolong her dirty remaining days.
    She sold off her house in Samsong-dong of Seoul and bought a new house. And ahead of her first trial she asked for more time and delayed trial by putting forth her yes-man lawyer.
    The traitor, who deserves death by dismemberment for the lots of crimes that have already been revealed including bribery and abuse of power, is still going impudent.
    Upon her return home after being ousted from Chongwadae, she let out poisonous rhetoric that "it will take time but the truth is bound to be revealed".
    During prosecution investigation she reeled off poor excuses that "it is part of normal 'state' administration" and that "she has never received bribes" and went the lengths of saying that "she does not remember" as for the crime of wresting a big bundle of banknotes from businesses in conspiracy with Choe Sun Sil.
    This is a mockery of the south Koreans as it is a cunning trick to save her trial from having adverse impact on the conservative forces keen on coming to power again.
    As revealed by criminal facts on daily disclosure including the huge fund concealed at her house in Samsong-dong, the more trick she resorts, the bigger indignation of the public it will touch off and the heavier punishment she will meet.
    However, the traitor is going on the rampage because she pins her hope in the conservative forces' re-assumption of power at the "presidential" election.
    The group of conservatives is desperately trying to rally the conservatives that had gone asunder and put pressure on the puppet Court of Justice and at the same time turn the table of the election in its favor over the "security" issue and thus realize its ambition to re-seize power.
    The conservatives, including "presidential" candidate from the "Liberal Korea Party" Hong Jun Phyo who defends Park Geun Hye while calling her impeachment unjust, are crying out for pardoning the traitor. The traitor, to earn indictment and top punishment, is granted privileged treatment even in the prison under the auspices of the conservative group.
    Traitor Park is staging a deceptive farce to create an environment favorable for the conservative group's coming to power again but such a sleight of hand can never work.
    It is the warning of history and the unanimous desire of all the fellow countrymen that not only Park Geun Hye, chief culprit of evil acts against the nation, people and humanity, but the remnants of the conservative group made up of hideous accomplices have to be abolished and thrown overboard.
    The top class criminal and accomplices have to receive due punishment.
    Trial by history and people's mindset has not yet ended. -0-

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