Tuesday, 2 May 2017

BBC Victoria Derbyshire show anti-DPRK and anti-KFA

 Dr Dermot Hudsonas invited to appear on the Victoria Derbyshire programme of the BBC . However as per usual with the British Brainwashing Corporation it was a far from positive or edifying experience to put it mildly ! Firstly , the BBC played tricks about saying that I was going to appear with a "defector" . Now it is KFA official policy not to appear with "defectors " as this legimatises them and gives crediblity , secondly there is the quesiton of personal safety and security as many of these people are actually criminals -for example Shin Hyong Duk is a convicted rapist(and a few years ago the so-called "defector" 'Joo Il Kim' harrassed a UK KFA picket of the south Korean puppet embassy) . This turned out to be untrue but was done to wrongfoot me.
The other participant in the programme was that bastard Lord Alton of Liverpool) an arch reactionary and ultra, ultra anti-DPRK.

Members of the House of Lords such as Lord Alton can claim up to £300 per day just for turning up and not actually being awake. Lord Alton was not shy in coming forth to claim his allowance and expenses and clocked up about £19,000 in allowances and expenses in just 6 months ! (alright for some eh ! this figure is 5 times what an unemployed person would get in 1 year) . Lord Alton enjoyed an all expenses paid trip to south Korea in November 2014 funded by the mysterious Nippon Foundation which is seen by some as an organisation with "right-wing, (Japanese)nationalist motives. Alton is also on the board of "Human Liberty " , a front organisation for the south Korea puppet regime (headquarters are in south Korea). Other board members of "Human Liberty " include a US 'Republican ' congressman who took part of the US bombing of Vietnam. .
 Rather than the 15 minutes that the BBC said were allocated for the interview , it was cut down to 5 minutes. I was brought into the studio and sat down expecting the interview/discussion to begin however Ms Derbyshire waffled on about something and appeared to deliberately prolong it .
Victoria Derbyshire started with an extreme anti -DPRK rant totally devoid of any objectivity or balance . This was then followed up by more anti-DPRK remarks by Lord Alton .Derbyshire allowed Lord Alton to dominate the interview and did not give mean adequate chance to reply. Some people watching it commented that there was no enought time and that Ms Derbyshire was extremely biased to say the least.

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