Saturday, 6 May 2017

U.S. Terrorist Acts Will Meet Strike of Justice: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) -- The U.S. state-sponsored terrorism against the DPRK is being carried out in an indiscriminate and dangerous way.
Recently there disclosed part of terrorist crimes which the U.S. CIA and the puppet Intelligent Service of south Korea have pushed forward in secrecy for the purpose of committing state-sponsored terrorism against the supreme leadership of the DPRK by bio-chemical substance.
The international community is stunned at the fact that the U.S., so loudly calling for "war against terrorism", manipulated the hideous state-sponsored political terrorism directly related to the dignity of the supreme leadership of the sovereign state.
The moves to stifle the DPRK getting daily reckless by the U.S. and the puppet group of traitors are focused on the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
As known, the largest-ever Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 17 joint military drills held across south Korea that lasted more than 60 days were ones for an actual war targeting the "removal of leadership" of the DPRK and "overturn of its social system."
In the "special operation" drill by use of special warfare troops and means, the U.S. conducted combined "beheading operation" for getting versed in assassination methods and destruction of key facilities together with surprise precision strike drills targeting "removal of the leadership" of the DPRK with the involvement of air strike means like B-1B nuclear strategic bomber, F-22 Raptor and F-35B Stealth fighters. The U.S. marines and the Striker brigade of the ground force, and large landing ships of the U.S. navy carried out a drill for surprise "advance into Pyongyang".
The terrorist acts carried out within the boundary of Korea by the U.S. special units were reflected in the action plan of the U.S. Defense Department revealed several years ago.
The U.S. amassed personnel in the vicinity of the border of the DPRK, set afloat rumors at home and abroad and fomented chaos to create "conflict".
Every year it funds anti-DPRK plot-breeding organizations after earmarking special appropriations in the state budget, escalating psychological warfare and destabilizing operations against the DPRK in a phased way.
By origin the U.S. is a terrorist state.
Stars in the U.S. national flag symbolize the inglorious terrorism-stained history of the U.S. as it increased the number of stars whenever it invaded other country by force and expanded its territory by barbarous terrorism and massacre.
The U.S. tries to stifle other countries after branding them as "terrorist sponsors" whenever an opportunity presents itself, but it is the terrorist sponsor in the true sense of the words.
Bloody terrorist acts committed by the CIA around the world put into the shade the terrorist acts the "Islamic State" is said to have perpetrated.
The U.S. state-sponsored terrorism against the DPRK is a serious violation of international law.
Under international convention on anti-terrorism, the use of violence or threat of the use of violence against the life and health of government VIPs, including the head of state, and public personnel, destruction and disturbance of public property, and use of firepower weapons, explosives and poisonous substances for the indiscriminate violence deserve stern punishment as state-sponsored terrorism and the statute of limitations do not apply to criminals.
The U.S. can never get rid of its responsibility for the recent case.
As a back-stage manipulator of the hideous state-sponsored terrorist act against the DPRK, the U.S. has to admit the severity of the incident, make an official apology and punish key criminals behind the case.
If the U.S. applies other standard of punishment to the terrorist criminals, it will foster terrorism and will result in pushing the U.S. mainland into uneasiness and destroying the world peace.
It was not an empty talk when we said our-style war of strike against terrorism started. -0-

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