Monday, 8 May 2017

International Justice Is Guaranteed by Tremendous Strength: KCNA Commentary

 Pyongyang, May 8 (KCNA) -- In his report reviewing the work of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea made to its 7th Congress, respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said that progressive peoples around the world should wage a vigorous struggle for international justice. He stressed it can be achieved only when the anti-imperialist independent countries are sufficiently strong.

    The situation that prevailed the international arena for the past one year once again proved the validity of the WPK's principled stand on international justice.

    Due to the ferocious domination and intervention by the U.S.-led imperialist forces, the universally recognized basic principles governing the international relations were openly ignored, and justice was incriminated as thing unjust to meet the interests of big powers.

    They tried to describe their own human rights abuses as something for "preventing" crimes, anti-criminal actions of anti-imperialist independent countries as "violation of human rights" and their missiles as the ones for "peace and justice" and missile development of others as "unjust actions harassing peace" in a bid to make the world the lawless planet.

    Under the old international order governed by injustice, the U.S. and its vassal forces are going at large as if they hold all the decision-making power including intervening in the internal affairs of other countries by applying double standards and adopting "resolutions" devoid of legal grounds.

    Some countries outwardly professing justice, impartiality and non-interference fail to speak out under the duress of the U.S. and even are prone to such a foolish act as pricking one's eyes with one's own hands without principle.

    The serious incidents that were witnessed in different parts of the world including the Korean peninsula and the Mideast clearly prove which way leads to international justice.

    When countries in the Mid-east were at a loss what to do after being hit by missiles and bombs under the present U.S. administration's aggression policy, the DPRK, a nuclear power in the East, made consecutive launches striking terror into the spines of provocateurs along with a powerful declaration of its will to defend international justice.

    Pyongyang declared it would face any option made by the U.S. and answer an all-out war in kind and a nuclear war with its own style nuclear strike.

    By the DPRK's will to make merciless retaliation against the U.S. ferocious military adventurous moves and by its tremendous military capabilities, the story about war crisis, "April crisis", on the peninsula much touted by the U.S. and its followers ended up in fiasco.

    As the reality shows, international justice cannot come of its own accord but can be realized only when anti-imperialist independent countries are sufficiently strong.

    The DPRK, as it had already clarified, will bolster at a remarkably fast pace the capabilities for Korean-style preemptive nuclear strike as long as the U.S. continues its hostile policy toward the DPRK and vicious nuclear threat and blackmail.

    The DPRK's measure for bolstering the capabilities of its nuclear force will be taken in a many-sided and consecutive way at any place and at any moment decided by its supreme leadership.

    The world will clearly see how the DPRK with nuclear sword of justice will control the U.S. use of nuclear weapons of tyranny and lead it to its final ruin. -0-

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