Thursday, 4 May 2017

Hold higher candlelight!

Hold higher candlelight!
The 23rd all-people action was launched at the Gwanghwamun Plaza in Seoul on April 29 under the sponsorship of the People's Emergency Action for Resignation of Park Geun-hye Regime.
Attending it were 50 000 people including members of civic and public organizations and citizens of different strata.
Earlier, they held meetings in demand of the probe into truth behind the ferry Sewol disaster, punishment of those responsible, and wage hike around the plaza.
Then a candlelight rally took place.
Members of civic organizations and citizens including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the National Women’s Solidarity, the Ronal Buddhism emergency measure committee for protecting Holy Land of Songju and general student council of Ehwa Women's University took the floor.
Hot debate for presidency is underway between the presidential nominees in the early presidential race caused by 17 million-strong candlelight action and Hwang Kyo-ahn, an accomplice of Park, and his ministers are following earlier policy of Park, they charged.
The truth behind the deployment of THAAD in south Korea should be brought to light and those who drew up the introduction of THAAD should be thrown into prison, they asserted.
Noting that the workers are working hard to attain the right to live, democracy is nonsensical unless the right of workers are ensured, they pointed out.
They said that the people did not take to the streets to change the president but to uproot all social evils, adding they will hold the candlelight to better the people’s livelihood.
The People's Emergency Action for Resignation of Park Geun-hye Regime announced a written demand for 100 reforms in ten-odd fields such as dissolution of conglomerate, basic rights of labor, social welfare, north-south relations and freedom of speech.
At the end of the rally, the participants marched toward the official residence of the "prime minister" and the US embassy.

They called for the people to hold a candlelight rally to show their strength and volition in the future.

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