Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Consequences of THAAD Deployment Will be Miserable: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 3 (KCNA) -- Different views have recently been observed in the U.S. over the deployment of THAAD.
    The U.S. has been so bent on "rounding off THAAD deployment at an earliest possible date" after its official pledge last year. Now it is trumpeting "it is an issue up to the next-term south Korean president".
    This is a trite trick to calm down the daily-increasing south Koreans' struggle against THAAD and rebuff from the countries around Korea.
    The U.S. THAAD deployment in south Korea is, from every aspect, aimed at neutralizing Russia and China's ability for nuclear retaliatory strike and holding a hegemony in the region.
    After the final decision on THAAD deployment last July, new confrontational structure has appeared in the region including the Korean peninsula, and conflict and tensions among powers have escalated with each passing day.
    South Korea, in particular, is suffering from political and economic pressure from countries around it for the Park Geun Hye group's act of pursuing the THAAD deployment, and even it has been exposed to huge military threat as it has been designated as the first target of strike from the relevant countries.
    Upset by the persistent struggle of the south Koreans against THAAD, rebuff from neighboring countries and increasing regional and international denunciation, the U.S. is setting afloat such deceptive story like "it is up to the next-term president".
    However, with no trick can the U.S. cover up its black-hearted intention.
    At dawn on April 26 just a few days after its official announcement of the delay of the THAAD deployment, the U.S. deployed all of a sudden core hardware of THAAD in the designated place. This clearly proves once again that the U.S. is harasser and destroyer of peace, indifferent to regional stability.
    It is none other than the south Koreans who will suffer most from the THAAD deployment.
    The deputy director of the General Operational Bureau of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces on April 27 said the recent computer-aided simulation test showed that THAAD targets Russia and China, warning that "Russia will be left with no option but to take countermeasure".
    Re-clarifying the government's fixed stand over the THAAD issue, a media of China contended that merciless "coordinated strike" should be mounted on south Korea to let it realize how miserable the consequences of its act of siding with the U.S. THAAD deployment is.
    South Korea can suffer great disaster any moment.
    It is exactly for this reason that the south Koreans are raising voices denouncing the conservative group, saying that it is "well known a fact that THAAD is for the U.S." and urging the south Korean conservative group to "come to its senses, mindful of unrelenting punishment".
    The south Koreans should wage unflinching struggle to resolutely foil the despicable THAAD deployment pushed forward by the aggression-minded conservative forces pursuant to the U.S. -0-

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