Friday, 3 March 2017

KCNA Commentary Ridicules Hwang Kyo An's Remarks

Pyongyang, March 3 (KCNA) -- Hwang Kyo An, puppet acting president of south Korea, in his "March 1 memorial address" viciously hurled mud at the DPRK, inciting confrontation and called for sycophancy toward the U.S. and Japan.
    From the beginning of his address, he took issues with nuclear program and "human rights" of the DPRK, saying that "the north is directing all the efforts to developing nuclear capability to the maximum including nuclear test and ballistic missile launch being indifferent to the people's living." He even clamored for "making the north understand the uselessness of nuclear weapons by redoubling the deterrent and defensive capabilities of south Korea-U.S. alliance through THAAD deployment, etc." He stressed the need to "respect and implement the purport and spirit of the agreement on the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army."
    These are despicable remarks consistent with provocation to the DPRK and sycophancy toward the U.S. and Japan, oblivious of his position directly responsible for the case of scandalous "state administration" of the Park Geun Hye regime.
    The March First Popular Uprising held in Pyongyang on March 1, 1919 was a nationwide patriotic resistance against Japan as the Korean people resolutely turned out in the righteous struggle to regain the dignity of the nation and sovereignty of the country deprived of by the vicious Japanese imperialists.
    From the viewpoint of his career as a top-class servant for traitor Park Geun Hye and his constitutional nature as traitor, Hwang Kyo An is human scum without qualifications and face to take part in the memorial service for the March First Popular Uprising which displayed the Korean nation's strong spirit of independence, indomitable stamina and ardent patriotism.
    If Hwang has an elementary thinking ability, it would be normal for him to keep mum and look back upon the poor position and the crimes against the nation even on that single day.
    The DPRK's nuclear weapons are an emblem of independence and dignity of the nation and a treasured sword for peace and reunification and wealth for eternal happiness and prosperity of the Korean nation.
    Thanks to its nuclear deterrent for self-defence, peace and security of the Korean peninsula are protected and the destiny of the nation is guaranteed despite the evermore increasing nuclear threats from the U.S. and its vassal forces.
    Indifferent to this fact, Hwang is busy introducing nuclear weapons of the U.S., serious threat to the destiny of the nation, into south Korea at random. It is the height of impudence for Hwang to slander the DPRK, being unaware of where he stands.
    He vociferated about the implementation of the "agreement on the issue of comfort women", keeping silence about the reckless behavior of Japan, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation which is desperately trying to erase the past crimes including the sexual slavery. This has brought to light his despicable nature as the worst traitor and pro-Japanese lackey devoid of blood and soul of the nation.
    The confrontation maniac is driving the situation to the brink of war by staging the dangerous nuclear saber-rattling in collusion with the U.S., while pushing forward THAAD deployment and supporting the "agreement" on the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army. This is just like a guilty party filing the suit first.
    Hwang reeled off a litany of vitriol dispraising the dignity and social system of the DPRK, thereby revealing his daydream for "unification by absorption". His reckless remarks are an infamy of a psychopath unaware of his poor position to be ousted together with Park Geun Hye.
    It is a tragedy and disgrace of the nation that such rare confrontation maniacs and human scum are still alive.
    Although Hwang and other traitors make last-ditch efforts to get rid of the ruinous destiny through vitriol and confrontation rackets, their time is drawing near.

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