Monday, 27 March 2017

Further Reply to Slanders On Youtube Against UK KFA

Further Reply to Slanders On Youtube Against UK KFA from a KFA member
Briefly to go over some of the points made by Juche Revolution in his video "Truth About UK KFA - My Story". Point One, Juche Revolution in his latest profile photograph was seen holding a bayonet, which is classed as an offensive weapon under UK law. Point Two, apart from his military fatigues, JR has a mask covering the lower part of his face, which some people may find intimidating. Point Three, JR was seen by both the leadership and large sections of the membership of the UK KFA, as drifting into supporting Jihadism and extremism. Given recent events and the current climate around the issue of terrorism, the UK KFA can not afford to have someone with such sentiments within the organisation. Point Four, on numerous occasions, when these concerns were pointed out to him and advice was given by the senior members of the UK KFA to Juche Revolution, he simply ignored their guidance. Point Five, the UK KFA is a broad movement committed to friendship and solidarity with the DPRK. The UK KFA works with all political parties and people with no political affiliation. It is certainly true that in the past, certain leftist parties have taken a sectarian approach to the UK KFA. The positions expressed on the various left parties were the private views of the KFA members. Point Six, the UK KFA is a non-sexist organisation and is committed to involving women into all of our activities. The conversation to which you refer to in the restaurant, was made by a KFA member in his own leisure time, and not at an official KFA event. The "objectification" of consenting adults of either gender is not a crime, whereas the promotion and the glorification of terrorism is under the UK law. Point Seven, Juche Revolution in some of his earlier videos made attacks upon unemployed people and benefit claimants, these kind of views have no place in an progressive organisation. Point Seven, the UK KFA express condolences to the individual JR mentions in his video. On the other hand, it is somehow hard to believe that the authorities and the media would not take vigorous interest into a person fighting in Novorossiya, with connections to the UK? Point Eight, another cause for concern for the UK KFA leadership was Juche Revolution strong and indeed increasing association with Nazis, Nazbols and with elements on the far right/KKK in the US. It is a shame that Juche Revolution became heavily influenced by these forces over recent months, instead of listening and learning from the UK KFA Chairman. It is regrettably that Juche Revolution did not take the time and effort to study Marxism-Leninism, the Juche Idea and Songun Politics in a structured manner. I hope that this clarifies this sorry situation for the viewers of the channel.

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