Saturday, 18 March 2017

UK KFA slams London School of Economics Anti-DPRK " north Korea beyond the headlines "

18th of March 2017 
 The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement concerning the holding of the  "north Korean beyond the headlines " conference at the London School of Economics .
  Ostensibly an academic conference , this showed its one sided nature  , by not inviting the DPRK Embassy in London to participate  nor the UK Korean Friendship nor the Juche Idea Study Group  to this event that was supposedly to debate the future of the DPRK . Amazing that it could purport to do this without a single DPRK citizen , diplomat nor representative of an organisation supporting the DPRK to be involved .
    UK KFA holds that this was really a disguised " regime change " conference. If you study  the list of those involved which include the south Korean puppet ambassador to the UK,former south Korean "unification  and several very anti-DPRK academics as well as a former advisor to the World Bank and IMF . The conference is sponsored by the  Doosan Group, a south Korean monopoly capitalist Jaebol . Clearly the hidden agenda of the conference was to discuss how capitalism can be restored in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the destruction of the Juche Idea and overthrow of the Supreme leadership of the DPRK .
 UK KFA leafleters were told by what were apparently members of the LSE(south) Korean society that they could not leaflet on university premises . This was an attempt by the south Korean puppets to harrass the KFA .
  UK KFA condemns the London School of Economics for hosting a one-sided and partisan event that was really aimed at slandering the DPRK and its supreme leadership and promoting "reform" , "opening up" and "regime change.

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