Wednesday, 15 March 2017

UK KFA and ASSPUK on Al Jazeera on the Malaysia incident

UK KFA Official Delegate and Chair Dr Dermot Hudson appeared on Al Jazeera's " The Stream " . UK KFA strongly condemns and dissociates itself from the extreme anti-DPRK content of the programme which started a false premise concerning the identity of the dead DPRK citizen and kept repeating this throughout the programme , well as Goebels or Hitler said if you repeat a lie enough times then people believe it . There were also highly emotionally charged words like "assassination " , "killing " and "hostages " 
   Al Jazeera are not independent or "alternative ". Their London studio is actually in the Shard , which is very much symbolic of a corporate ,capitalist ,globalist and neo-liberal ethos . The Shard is in fact a heavily guarded building that is quite hard to get into and I spent about 10 minutes getting into the place.. You have to go through airport type scanners to get into the building.
To reiterate the evidence(against the DPRK ) is virtually non-existent , VX nerve agent could not have been used because it would wipe out the entire airport and render it unusable for decades . The two women arrested are not from the DPRK or even ethnic Koreans and have no connection whatsoever with the DPRK .
Throughout the programme the DPRK's social system and Supreme leadership were slandered by the other panellists and the hosts . Clearly these people were the paid lackeys of the CIA .There was a real neo-con type from the Diplomat magazine who was basically off the wall with anti-DPRK propaganda, the former Malaysian ambassador to the DPRK who was basically a representative of the neo-colonial comprador bourgeoisie of that country and lastly someone who used to work for Choson Exchange , a sinister body devoted to trying to introduce capitalism into the DPRK.
There was just so much shite it was unbelievable . Apart from the appalling attacks on the DPRK one silly piece of nonsense was about  Malaysian diplomats in the DPRK having a very hard life and then supposedly been taken hostage. In truth the DPRK is probably a very cushy posting for Malaysian diplomats as it is a virtually crime free environment and beautiful city.
The arrogance of the Malaysian reactionaries come through on the programme . Malaysia is on the side of the US and south Korea without a doubt.

I was not given the full opportunity to say everything he wanted due to being interrupted and only managed to say about 25 per cent of what I wanted to say
Here is the video for reference

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