Thursday, 23 March 2017

KCNA Commentary Terms S. Korean Conservatives Modern-day Political Chameleons

 Pyongyang, March 23 (KCNA) -- The coteries of south Korean puppet conservative parties are busy changing their true colors in the wake of the impeachment of traitor Park Geun Hye.
    In Myong Jin, chairman of the emergency measure committee, and others of the "Liberal Korea Party" seek to gain public support, asserting they would honestly accept the impeachment decision as they feel deeply sorry in the sense of responsibility.
    They make much fuss, registering Hong Jun Phyo, governor of South Kyongsang Province, as "presidential" candidate and lifting the suspension of his party membership, although they had kicked him out for a partisan purpose.
    Meanwhile, Ryu Sung Min and others of the "Parun Party" are misleading the public opinion by creating impression that they played a "leading role" in impeaching Park.
    Such clumsy farces staged by swarms of modern-day political chameleons of south Korea in disguise are nothing but cynical ploys to cover up the crimes they committed in league with Park by pursuing sycophancy toward outsiders and to seize power through the forthcoming snap "presidential election."
    No matter what charade the coteries of the conservative parties may stage ahead of the "presidential" election, they can never hide their true colors as traitors.
    Those of the "Liberal Korea Party" and the "Parun Party" are all the worst criminals who have zealously supported the misrule of Park, played havoc with "state affairs" and plunged the people's livelihood into dire destitution over the past four years.
    As far as In Myong Jin is concerned, he is just a die-hard conservative element who had blustered until January 19 that he would defend Park to the last in the face of any charges and criticism, remaining desperately averse to punishing her.
    "Presidential" candidate Hong Jun Phyo is a kingpin of grafts for whom the prosecution had demanded two years in jail and a fine of a hundred million won last year for his involvement in a high-profile graft scandal that stunned the public. He challenged the mindset of the participants in the candlelight actions in south Korea by terming the court's decision on impeachment of Park "ill-minded trial backed by wrongly-guided public opinion."
    Ryu Sung Min, "presidential candidate" from the "Parun Party," is also a bat-like guy being censured as a "Judas-like politician" within the political camp for being double-faced.
    He took the lead in flattering Park when he was the floor leader of the "Saenuri party", asserting he felt sorry for failing to sincerely help Park who devotedly administered the state affairs. But he suddenly made a U-turn and left the party to seek his own interests, revealing his colors as a political chameleon.
    Not content with such farces, the coteries of the "Liberal Korea Party" and the "Parun Party" are getting desperate in rallying conservative forces, trading such insults as "Judas" under the signboard of "transparent conservatism."
    This is, indeed, an unpardonable mockery and insult to the candlelight actions staged by the public in south Korea to wipe out all evils and build a genuine and fresh society for the popular masses.
    Growing stronger among the south Korean public at present are their disillusion and repugnance toward the coteries of the conservative parties and their conviction that they have nothing to expect from the conservative group.
    The "Liberal Korea Party" and the "Parun Party" should be dissolved immediately, as demanded by the public, and removed from the south Korean political camp along with the doom of the old witch of Chongwadae. -0

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