Wednesday, 8 March 2017

UK KFA slams Boris Johnson's arrogant imperialist interference

   8th of March 2017
The UK Korean Friendship Association  issuing the following statement today denouncing the remarks of the British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson about the DPRK's successful test fire of the
ballistic missiles on Monday ;
  The UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA ) totally condemns the remarks of the US-born Boris Johnson the secretary of state for the Foreign Office of the UK  concerning the recent self-defensive missile test of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea .Johnson's intemperate remarks are a prime example of arrogant imperialist interference by Britain in the affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK)
  Firstly , it is the legitimate independent right of the DPRK to test missiles on its own territory. It is no concern of anyone else what the DPRK does on its own territory , still less the concern of a country that is thousands of miles from the borders of the DPRK . We totally support the right of the DPRK to independence and its right to defend itself from US imperialism.
Secondly, the DPRK's ballistic missile test was basically a response to the aggressive moves of the
US and south Korea which on the 1st of March began the Foal Eagle and Key Resolve which are the biggest ever an include strategic nuclear strike means. Did Boris Johnson expect the DPRK to do nothing and just fold their arms in the face of the heightened US threat ?
Thirdly, the DPRK's missile test is purely self-defensive . The US brought nuclear weapons to south Korea 60 years ago and has consistently threatened the DPRK with nuclear weapons. The US keeps
over 30,000 US troops in the south of Korea as well as US troops in other bases in the Asia-Pacific region. The USA has carried out many missile tests. It is only just that the DPRK should carry out
missile tests to order to increase its self-defence capabilities.
 If Boris Johnson is so concerned about peace on the Korean peninsula then he should call for the US and south Korea to immediately stop Key Resolve and Foal Eagle and for the US to withdraw its troops from south Korea !
  Stop interfering in Korea Mr Johnson ! Mind your own business !
UK KFA believes that Britain should pursue an independent policy and should contribute towards
peace on the Korean peninsula by supporting the withdrawal of US troops and build relations wiht the DPRK based on non-interference, mutual respect and friendship.


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