Tuesday, 7 March 2017

KCNA Commentary Terms S. Korean Authorities Modern-day Traitors

   Pyongyang, March 7 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries' moves to nullify the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army and the south Korean authorities' humiliating act of conniving at them triggered off towering indignation among the Koreans.
    Since the outset of the new year the Japanese reactionaries have pressurized the south Korean authorities to implement the "agreement on the sexual slavery issue", threatening that Japan can neither send back the Japanese ambassador and consul general to south Korea nor can it expect the normalization of the bilateral relations unless the girl statues depicting a sexual slave for the Imperial Japanese Army standing before the Japanese embassy in Seoul and the consulate general in Pusan are removed.
    Shortly ago, the Japanese foreign minister went so arrogant as telling the south Korean puppet foreign minister abroad that the project for erecting a girl statue on Tok Islets is "intolerable", urging him to take a proper step and warning him that what is important is result.
    Japan, which committed the shuddering crimes against humanity by taking 200 000 Korean women to battle fields after kidnapping them, is now trying to check the campaign for erecting girl statues sweeping south Korea and raise a claim to Tok Islets. This is a gangster-like logic and the height of impudence.
    The girl statues are not just simple sculptures but they are symbolic of all Koreans' indignation at the Japanese imperialists who committed unspeakable crimes against the Korean nation and their will to take a thousand-fold revenge on the Japs of the island nation.
    The Korean nation's unanimous bad blood towards Japan, the sworn enemy of the nation, can never change no matter how many times a generation is replaced by another.
    However, the south Korean puppet authorities granted the Japanese imperialists impunity for their past crimes and, not content with this, are going all the more crazy for serving Japan, yielding to its brigandish demand.
    Foreign Minister Yun Pyong Se and other traitors slavishly promised the Japanese reactionaries to "respect the agreement on the sexual slavery and honor it" and went the lengths of sending informal notice to the local self-governing bodies calling on them to remove the girl statues.
    They even let the pro-Japanese organizations paste posters reading "Until when Japan has to be hated" and "Japan should be pardoned" in places around girl statues and hurled police into investigating or putting in custody members of civic organization active to protect the statues.
    As these traitors ride roughshod in south Korea, the Japanese reactionaries still assert impudently that "they have no intent to apologize" for the sexual slavery issue and "once money is received, the girl statue has to be removed."
    Now the opposition parties and all social circles of south Korea strongly denounce the puppet authorities as modern-day "five traitors of 1905" who are no longer members of the nation as they behave in such a humiliating manner after receiving just 1 billion yen less than the price for race horses for Jong Yu Ra, daughter of Choe Sun Sil.
    The nation can never escape shame and disaster as long as the group of traitors prolonging their remaining days through hideous sycophancy toward Japan is allowed to go at large.
    All Koreans will certainly force Japan and the group of traitors to pay dearly for all their criminal acts. -0

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