Tuesday, 7 March 2017

DPRK's Measures to Bolster Nuclear Force for Self-Defense Will Go on: KCNA Commentary

   Pyongyang, March 7 (KCNA) -- The U.S. hegemonic scenario to dominate the world with strategic nuclear edge is being steadily disclosed.
    In the middle of February, the U.S. test-fired submarine-launched ballistic missile "Trident-2 D-5" capable of carrying Mt-class nuclear warheads in the Pacific.
    And it is stepping up the modernization of nuclear weapons as evidenced by the entry into the practical phase of replacing Ohio-class strategic nuclear submarines, which play an important role in carrying out the U.S. policy of nuclear blackmail, with more powerful Colombia-class nuclear submarines.
    The present chief executive of the U.S., when interviewed by foreign media on Feb. 23, asserted that the U.S. nuclear force is left behind other countries, underscoring the need to bolster up its nuclear force in a bid to keep a dominating position in the military muscle.
    On Feb. 27, he proposed a 10 percent increase in military spending for the next fiscal year over that in the previous fiscal year.
    This is no more than nuclear confrontational hysteria to dominate the world with an unchallenged nuclear edge.
    No matter how often the U.S. may claim that it is left behind other countries and it is not making muscle flexing before the world, it cannot cover up its scenario to modernize nuclear weapons.
    It is the U.S. which has the biggest stockpile of latest nuclear weapons and is pushing forward the state strategy of dominating the world with them as its mainstay.
    The successive U.S. rulers have persistently resorted to the moves to monopolize nuclear weapons to dominate mankind under the deceptive signboard of "nuclear disarmament" and "world free from nuclear weapons".
    Even at this moment the U.S. is invariably pushing forward the project for modernizing nuclear weapons requiring one trillion U.S. dollars which had been pressed forward by the previous administration under the motto of "peace backed by force of arms." There are assertions calling for the repeal of treaties on the reduction of nuclear weapons signed with other big powers.
    The U.S. is the biggest nuclear weapons state and a nuclear criminal state which inflicted the first nuclear disaster on mankind. Therefore, its undisguised ambition of hegemony and moves to modernize nuclear weapons would only increase the danger of a nuclear war and nuclear arms race on our planet.
    Under the situation where the U.S. stage nuclear war drills against the DPRK in south Korea and its vicinity every year and watch for a chance of making a preemptive nuclear attack, it is quite unreasonable for the DPRK to scrap nuclear weapons.
    Under the present international situation where the U.S. and its vassal forces' policy of nuclear threat and blackmail persist, the DPRK will bolster up military capability for self-defense with nuclear force as pivot and ability of making a preemptive attack in order to preserve the country's sovereignty and the nation's right to existence.
    The DPRK's measures to bolster up the nuclear force for self-defense will go on until the nuclear weapons are eliminated from the earth. -0

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