Sunday, 26 March 2017

National Reunification Institute Exposes True Nature of S. Korean Puppet Army

  Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- The National Reunification Institute of the DPRK issued a white paper Saturday disclosing the despicable true nature of the south Korean puppet army, a group that has become more corrupt and undisciplined under the rule of traitor Park Geun Hye.
    Jeering at the south Korean puppet army as a scare-crow army caught by war-weariness, the white paper says:
    According to information revealed by the puppet National Assembly, the number of soldiers, who were discharged due to proclivity to evasion of military service and aversion to it developing into mental diseases, stood at over 15 000 in 2016 alone, five times as many as the figure under the Lee Myung Bak regime as a whole. Every year an average of 3 400 young people seek foreign nationalities for the evasion of military service.
    73 percent of middle- and low-ranking military officers and 85 percent of non-commissioned officers have the tendency to evade service and over 85 000 soldiers request discharges from service, complaining of melancholy and other mental troubles, according to data minimized by the puppet military.
    Branding the south Korean army as a group of undisciplined men resembling the corrupt "yusin" prostitute, the white paper goes on:
    When the puppet defence ministry ordered "contingency" in February 2013, more than 240 military bosses including the air chief of staff and the navy chief of staff were dined and wined in a back parlor and played golf, after sending their soldiers to the first line, which sparked off a social uproar.
    An average of one suicide in three days is reported in the army and those who were confirmed not to be appropriate for service doubled as before. A total of 49 300 soldiers are classified to belong to soldiers of "concern and danger" as they are judged to be capable of committing such crimes as opening fire into superiors and colleagues with the development of symptom of mental derangement attributable to harsh exercises and physical torture.
    The south Korean puppet army is a huge Mafia group trained by the "yusin" descendent.
    With the traits of making money through the supply of cheap and poorly-made munitions to military units after being bribed by munitions businesses prevalent among generals of the army, 70 percent of those above lieutenant general gained $700 000 worth property each and eight generals embezzled over one million U.S. dollars each in 2013 alone.
    Scandal is most serious in the field of munitions industry.
    Military-turned munitions businessmen form a network among themselves to be called military mafia.
    South Korea has turned into a scrapped U.S. weaponry exhibition and the military into a concentration camp without bars and an approved theatre of human rights abuses.
    Such military warmongers as puppet Defence Minister Han Min Gu still incite war fever, recklessly crying out for "punishment" and "readiness for war", far from drawing a lesson from the miserable end of traitor Park Geun Hye who was severely punished by the public for her hideous provocations and north-targeted war exercises.
    Should a war break out, the arms of the soldiers of the puppet army will be aimed at the corrupt and incompetent Park Geun Hye group of traitors including Han Min Gu before anyone else. -0-

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