Monday, 6 March 2017

Actions for Throwing Overboard Park Geun Hye Group Called for

Pyongyang, March 6 (KCNA) -- Let us strikingly demonstrate the resourcefulness and stamina of youth and students as pace-setters and key players of the era by turning out in the on-going drive for bringing about genuine new politics, new life and new society where the popular masses have become masters by decisively throwing overboard the Park Geun Hye group of criminals responsible for the unprecedented scandal of "abuse of power"!
    The Youth and Students Bureau of the C.C., Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front said this in an appeal sent to all youth and students of south Korea on Monday.
    The appeal said that shouts calling for impeaching Park who violated the "constitutional" order and set a new record of thrice-cursed crimes through the unprecedented "abuse of power" are heard throughout south Korea.
    It continued:
    Under the action program for March, made public by the situation gathering of university students grouping more than 110 general students' councils and students' organizations, declarations on the situation were released and lectures on the situation were given and all the youths and students turned out to completely strangle the windpipe of traitor Park making desperate efforts.
    Time has come to finalize the candlelight actions, which were staged to sentence Park Geun Hye group to final death, with the all-people victory.
    Let us all turn out in the final action for impeaching Park and strikingly demonstrate the spirit and stamina of youths and students who enshrine transparent justice and do not tolerate injustice.
    All the youths and students who aspire after a genuine society and bright future should turn out in the candlelight actions for justice!
    Let us devote youthful strength and vigor to the action for the impeachment of Park and record a shining page in history!
    Let us pool efforts and throw overboard the rejects of history keen on rallying the conservative forces to tide over the worst crisis! -0-

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