Thursday, 9 August 2018

Women have been liberated and emancipated in People's Korea !


 The above pictures show leading women cadres of  of People's Korea . Included in the line  (from top)is Kim Yo Jong , vice director of a department of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea , Ri Sol Ju , wife of the dear respected leader Marshal Kim Jong Un , Col Hyon Song Wol , leader of the Samjiyon Orchestra(also Moranbong band) and member of the central committee of the Workers' Party of Korea , and Choe Son Hui , vice -Foreign Minster of the DPRK .
Ms Kim Yo Jong played an important part in the Panmunjom Summit and the DPRK-US summit in Singapore . Ms Choe Son Hui is the DPRK's no nonsense negotiator in the nuclear talks with the US and knows how to stand up to American bullying !
Women are approximately 50 per cent of the DPRK population . They are legally guaranteed equality with men by the Law on Sexual Equality and by article 77 of the DPRK Socialist Constitution .These days women hold many important positions in the DPRK , for example many school headteachers and directors of hospitals are women.
Women in the DPRK are guaranteed paid maternity leave of over 200 days and women with 3 children under the age of 13 may work only 6 hours a day but receive the pay for 8 hours .
Childcare in the DPRK is free and there are even 24 nurseries and weekly nurseries .
 All conditions have been created for women to fully participate in society on equal terms
  Women in the DPRK are safe because the DPRK does not have pornography and the capitalist sex industry which degrade and humiliate women.
In People's Korea  women have been fully emancipated thanks to the Juche idea !

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Michael22 said...

I think that the equality with men that women have by the law is amazing. There is the so-called “glass ceiling” in America but not in DPRK! I myself want to buy 20 acres to become a homesteader to practice self-reliance, learn to use renewable energy & live closer to Earth. (But I must work 😖 to make and save money for it!). I hope ROK & UN will soon acknowledge KWP. You show how socialism WORKS!