Thursday, 2 August 2018

Deep-rooted Evils of Traitor Park Geun Hye Should Be Combated: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, August 2 (KCNA) -- It has been recently disclosed that the Park Geun Hye regime plotted a military coup, stunning the south Korean public.

The document on the plan of the military coup made by the Defense Security Command was declassified by Chongwadae on July 20. It details with four articles and 21 paragraphs the action programs like putting under control the "National Assembly" and media, arresting lawmakers and mobilizing huge armed troops and getting approval from the U.S. government in case of the declaration of "martial law".

This made it clearer that the coup plan was not the "one for coping with" emergency situation but the one of dangerous crimes and brutal massacre premeditated by the Park Geun Hye regime in collusion with military bosses.

The deep-rooted evils left by traitor Park Geun Hye and her conservative cult throughout the south Korean society are so terrible that they are beyond human imagination.

The recently revealed coup plan is the most terrible one of the deep-rooted evils as it is a plan for massacring the peaceable candlelight demonstrators.

Now the south Korean people are trembling with anger at the military coup plan, which is reminiscent of the traitor Park Chung-Hee's May 16 military coup and the December 12 coup spearheaded by military gangsters Chun Doo Hwan and Roh Tae Woo.

Had it been carried out, the whole south Korea might have turned into a sea of blood like the Kwangju massacre in May 1980.

The descendents of the "yusin" dictatorship who stoop to do anything in a bid to keep their dictatorial rule and power and their conservative group can never hide their true colors.

As the case is so shocking and terrible, the political parties calling for democracy and reform and the public in south Korea are strongly demanding the punishment of Park Geun Hye and the "Liberal Korea Party" that were involved in the military coup.

Quite natural is the public demand for severely punishing the hideous murderers, who attempted to turn south Korea into a bloodbath and slaughterhouse, by taking them to a scaffold of history.

Nevertheless, the LKP and other conservative coteries are shamelessly behaving, claiming that the political intention of declassifying the document is doubtful and calling for probing the origin of leakage.

Such ridiculous behavior of the group of accomplices trying to shield the criminals and divert elsewhere the angry mindset only adds to the anger of the south Korean people.

The situation proves that the important thing in clearing deep-rooted evils is to completely eliminate conservatism, the source of the deep-rooted evils.

South Koreans of various circles should actively turn out in an all-people struggle for punishing the criminals who premeditated a terrible massacre to maintain their power. -0

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