Thursday, 9 August 2018

Emergency Measure Is to Disorganize Traitorous Party: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, August 9 (KCNA) -- The "Liberal Korea Party", a group of conservative traitors of south Korea, formed an emergency measure committee.

It appeared after dog-fights for hegemony, shameful invitation of personages and other disgraceful deeds. The emergency committee is trying to gain public mind and support vociferating about "revamping" and "changes".

Tragic is that no one believes it.

It is because that people were bored with the trite methods of disguising and deception of the conservative and traitorous party and experienced its evil doings.

South Korean media said the "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) would face serious situation that the existence was shaken to its foundation and form emergency measure committee, fully disclosing how traitor Park Geun Hye organized the emergency measure committee at the end of 2011 and took the power after deceiving the public.

The traitorous LKP, which would have been dissolved and perished by history, is talking about "emergency measure". This is a grave insult and challenge to the candlelight demonstrators.

Although the conservative party formed an emergency measure committee as a last resort to prolong its remaining days, there is no change at all in its behavior.

The LKP is resorting to factional contradictions and strife for power and hurting progressive forces and deceiving the public.

It has not yet abandoned its bad habit of sycophancy and treachery and confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

The LKP opposes every move for improvement of the north-south relations. Some days ago, Kim Pyong Jun, chairman of the emergency measure committee, claimed that "the government showed a loose approach toward the sanctions against the north."

The traitorous party has changed its name as evidenced by Syngman Rhee's "Liberal Party", Park Chung-Hee's "Republican Party", Lee Myung Bak's "Grand National Party" and Park Geun Hye's "Saenuri Party", but its true colors have never changed and can never change. This is the lesson shown by the history.

There is no justification for the group of traitors to exist as it is obsessed with greed for power because it regards confrontation with the fellow countrymen as a mode of existence in the rapidly changing situation in which reconciliation, cooperation and peace become the trend of the times.

Now the conservative group is seeking the way to live vociferating about "rehabilitation of conservatism". But it is ridiculous.

If the coteries of the LKP feel ashamed, they should do what they do, considering that the "first opposition party" with 112 seats at the "National Assembly" is little different from a political party with six seats in support rate or 4.3 percent.

Total disorganization of the traitorous party is the emergency measure. -0-

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