Sunday, 12 August 2018



The Staffordshire Branch of the UK Korean Friendship Association greets the 73rd anniversary of Korea's liberation. On August 15th, 1945 Korea was finally freed from four decades of Japanese colonial rule and a New Democratic Korea was to be built. For 20 years, the Korean Peoples Revolutionary Army commanded by Kim IL Sung led an armed struggle against the forces of the Japanese Empire. All the patriotic and democratic strata of Korean society was united into The Association For The Restoration of The Fatherland in May 1936. The fight for Korean Liberation was self-reliant and was dependent upon the popular masses.

After August 1945, historic transformations occurred in the land of Korea. Democratic and progressive measures were carried out in Korea such as the Agrarian Reform, the Nationalization of Major Industries, the Introduction of Labour Protection, Women's Rights and Free Education for all citizens. The greatest achievement of the Anti-Imperialist, Democratic Revolution was the foundation of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea on September 9th, 1948. The victory of the Peoples Democracy in Korea had laid the groundwork for the onward advance of Juche-orientated socialism.

The question of Korea's division remains an issue of grave concern for the people of Korea. For 73 years the Korean peninsula has been cruelly divided into two by outside powers. The Korean people had never consented to Korea being ripped apart, it was imposed upon them. Over the years there have been countless proposals for the independent, peaceful reunification of Korea which had been put forward by the DPRK Government.

Due to the efforts of the DPRK Supreme Leader Chairman Kim Jong Un, the process of Korean reunification has become accelerated. The reconciliation between the North and the South of Korea was evidenced at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and at the epochal summit between the Heads of State of the North and the South held in Panmunjom, April 2018.  Bringing peace and achieving the goals of the denuclearization of the entire Korean peninsula is being brought about by the truly historic June 2018 DPRK-US Summit Meeting which was conveyed in Singapore. The matters of Korea's peace and reunification must be decided by the Korean people themselves, in the North, in the South and Overseas. All attempts by retrograde forces to derail and wreck the present course towards peace, reconciliation and reunification on the Korean peninsula must be resisted at all costs.

The Staffordshire Branch KFA calls upon progressive people to show their solidarity with the Korean people in their struggle for the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea. We urge the Labour and Peace Movements to make the cause of Korean reunification a priority issue. Join The Korean Friendship Association and be part of the worldwide movement supporting the just cause of the Korean people!!


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