Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Staffordshire KFA reject warmongering by US and Western media

The Staffordshire Branch of the UK KFA rejects all attempts by warmongers in the United States and in other Western Countries to derail the Korean Peace process. After decades of hostility, the DPRK and the USA made a huge step forward towards ending the antagonism between them at the Singapore Summit in June 2018. The historic Singapore Summit aimed to remove the threat of war on the Korean peninsula and to denuclearize the whole of Korea. At the summit, the DPRK Chairman Kim Jong Un and the US President Donald Trump laid the foundations for a lasting peace in Korea and in North-East Asia.
Now under the signpost of secret missile development, the DPRK is being accused of breaking the spirit of the June 2018 Joint Statement by ultra-right wing forces in the United States. This story has no basis to taken seriously and lack any creditability. These allegations have the appearance of a crude attempt to destroy the efforts for peace on the Korean peninsula and return to an atmosphere of confrontation. Once again, the BBC is playing a shameful role in spreading this kind of war propaganda.
Our branch calls upon the Peace Movement and indeed people of good will everywhere to reject the endeavours to wreck the opportunities for a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula. The Korean people in the north, in the south and overseas, must be free to determine the course of the reunification of their own country without outside interference. Let us work for peace and reunification in Korea, instead of war and division!

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