Friday, 28 April 2017

Single-hearted United Invincible Revolutionary Army

Single-hearted United Invincible Revolutionary Army
Since its foundation on April 25, 1932, the invincible Korean People’s Army has won a series of victories in the sharp confrontation with the formidable imperialists.
The military parade held on the Day of the Sun this year startled the world, demonstrating tremendous military muscle of the KPA.
Admiring the powerful might of the KPA defending the socialism firmly in defiance of high-handedness and outrage of the US-led imperialist allied forces, the world people want to know the source of its might.
It is the political and ideological superiority of servicemen who are ready to lay down their lives for the leader, country and people. The root of it is the affection and trust between the supreme commander and servicemen.
Regarding the affection for and trust in the servicemen as the basis of building up the revolutionary armed forces, supreme commander Kim Jong Un bestows his great and deep affection on them. The existence and building up of the KPA and victorious advance of Songun-based revolutionary cause are unthinkable without the prominent leadership and benevolent care of the supreme commander.
The entire army is brimming over with the revolutionary soldier spirit, the core of which is the soldiers’ absolute trust in and loyalty to their supreme commander. All the soldiers trust in their supreme commander and follow him, regarding him as their father, as the mainstay of their destiny, and are firmly rallied behind him. A well-regulated system whereby the entire army moves as one under the supreme commander’s order has been established, and all the officers and men are prepared to dedicate even their lives to their supreme commander.
South Korean people stint no words in praising the KPA. They admire that it is the only ranks full of affection and trust led by supreme commander Kim Jong Un.
No one in the world can break this steady ranks rallied with affection and trust.
Now, the KPA gets united around the supreme commander and is equipped with nuclear arms for self-defense. While the US and south Korean bellicose forces stage the largest-ever war drills against the DPRK with nukes, the strongest KPA smashes the enemy's aggressive maneuvers at every step to safeguard the dignity and security of the country with honor.
Under the wise leadership of supreme commander Kim Jong Un, unparalleled illustrious commander, the KPA will win victory after victory.

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