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The great leader President KIM IL SUNG always paid attention to the question of the world revolution from an early age . When he founded the Down-With Imperialism Union on the 17th of October 1926  President KIM IL SUNG clearly defined as one of its tasks that it should carry out the world revolution and build socialism and communism throughout the world .  Speaking to the foundation meeting of the Down -With- Union he pointed out that .
 "Irreconcible contradictions exist between the imperialists and people in the colonies  and these contradictions are sharpening  with the passage of time. Because these contradictions are antagonistic they cannot be settled by any kind of 'compromise ' and will only be solved when imperialism is overthrown"
   This not only trenchantly exposed the contradictions of imperialism but showed the correct road of struggle for the people's of colonial and dependent countries.
   President KIM IL SUNG put forward the line of armed struggle at the historic Kalun meeting in June 1930 at which he put forward the Juche-based line for the Korean revolution . At the Mingyuegou meeting in the spring of 1931 he put forward the line of guerrilla struggle for the first time.  He clarified that the armed struggle was the basic line of the anti-Japanese national liberation struggle of Korea and put forward strategy and tactics for organizing and developing the anti-Japanese armed struggle such as the type of the armed struggle, organization of a standing revolutionary armed force and establishment of a guerrilla base as a stronghold of political and military activity. President KIM IL SUNG in his speech underscored the need for self-reliance. Later the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army(later Korean Peoples Revolutionary Army was formed.  The line of armed struggle in the colonies was a revolutionary one that trod new ground. Previously the theorists of the COMINTERN had considered the struggle in colonies  to a reserve or auxillary 
of the proletarian revolution in the imperialists rather than as an independent force in its own right . As late as 1951 the Communist Party of Great Britain was still talking about a "establishing durable friendship" between "British people and the peoples of the Empire " and "new fraternal association".
The line of Juche-based armed struggle put forward by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG  inspired the peoples of the colonial countries in their struggle for independence . In fact the the World Cultural Congress in Havana,Cuba in 1968 praised the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG as an example to be followed by the third world people's in their struggle against imperialism
  During the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG ensured that the Korean people gave proletarian internationalist assistance the people of the Soviet Union and Mongolia. Later after liberation in August 1945 he sent the best fighter to help the Chinese Communist Party and People's Liberation Army liberate China from the bureaucratic and reactionary rule of the KMT.

  Whilst leading the work of building socialism in the DPRK President KIM IL SUNG paid great attention to the strategy of world revolution .  Firstly  he made sure that the spearhead of the world revolutionary struggle was directed against US imperialism the headquarters of world imperialism
and chieftain of world reaction. President KIM IL SUNG wrote many works arguing for anti-imperialist , anti US struggle such as "Let Us Intensify the anti-US, anti -imperialist struggle" , "The Great Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Cause of the Asian , African  and Latin American peoples is invincible " and many other works. He agued strongly against the line of compromise
with US imperialism which was being peddled enthusiastically  by the modern revisionists who tried to impose it on the international communist movement . He pointed that " It is wrong to try to avoid the struggle against imperialism under the pretext that independence and revolution are important, but that peace is still more precious. Is it not true that the line of seeking unprincipled compromise with imperialism only tends to encourage its aggressive actions and increase the danger of war? Peace secured by slavish submission is not peace. Genuine peace cannot be achieved unless a struggle is waged against those who break the peace, unless the slave’s peace is rejected and the oppressors’ rule overthrown. We are opposed to the line of compromise with imperialism. At the same time, we cannot tolerate the practice of only denouncing imperialism but, in actual fact, being afraid to fight it. This is a line of compromise in an inverted form. Both have nothing to do with a genuine anti-imperialist struggle and only help the imperialist policy of aggression and war "
Futhermore he put forward an excellent strategy for world revolution  saying that "
"We small nations must unite and counter US imperialism’s strategy of swallowing us up one by one, by each one of us chopping off its head and limbs. This is the strategy small countries must employ to defeat US imperialism."
   I remember being most impressed when reading this in the 1980s.
  President KIM IL SUNG also analysed the problems of the transition to socialism and communism on a world scale and put forward ways to realise the victory of socialism throughout the world . He
pointed out that "

Where the proletariat has seized power in an individual country encircled by international capitalism, there cannot he freedom from the danger of imperialist aggression and capitalist restoration till communism is realized on a worldwide scale. Therefore, to win the ultimate victory in revolution, the proletariat of each country that has assumed power should consolidate its own internal revolutionary forces in every way and, at the same time, should be given the positive support of other contingents of the world socialist revolution and should cement true international solidarity with the working classes in all countries and with oppressed peoples all over the world.
Consequently, the proletariat that has assumed power in individual countries is faced with the revolutionary task of decisively strengthening and vigorously advancing the world revolution. The strengthening of the internal revolutionary forces and the victory of the revolution should be considered in their relation to the ultimate victory of the world revolution. In other words, the victory of the revolution and socialist construction in each country decisively strengthen the forces of the world socialist revolution, which, in turn, creates a condition decisively favorable for carrying out the revolution and construction in each country. This is the unitary relationship between the victory of the revolution in one country and the final victory of the world revolution.

The ultimate victory of the world revolution will be realized, in the course of the outbreak of the socialist revolution and its complete victory in many countries, and the gradual expansion, consolidation and development of the socialist camp."
 Basically the dictatorship of the proletariat should become a worldwide system. This  shows the remarkable foresight of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG into the issues arising in the world revolutionary struggle for socialsm . This provides wise teachings and guidance to the revolutionaries and communists of the world. Indeed had the lines and ideas laid down by President KIM IL SUNG been followed then socialism would not have been frustrated in some countries and the international revolutionary movement would been victorious.

  All in all the great leader President KIM IL SUNG should be remembered as the master strategist
of the world revolution.
     Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of  Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association
Chairman UK Preparatory Committee for 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu 
Member International Committee For the Study of Songun Politics

The oppressed peoples can liberate themselves only through struggle. This is a simple and clear truth confirmed by history.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/k/kimilsung220067.html
The oppressed peoples can liberate themselves only through struggle. This is a simple and clear truth confirmed by history.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/k/kimilsung220067.html
The oppressed peoples can liberate themselves only through struggle. This is a simple and clear truth confirmed by history.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/k/kimilsung220067.html

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