Saturday, 29 April 2017

For democracy in south Korea

For democracy in south Korea
The 1 119th Thursday meeting took place in Seoul on April 20 in demand of the release of prisoners of conscience and the abrogation of the "Security Law".
Speakers at the meeting called on the people to pool their efforts to elect as "president" such person who is ready to set free the prisoners of conscience and abrogate the “SL”.
Saying that the south Korean authorities imposed penalty upon the correspondents who worked hard to inform the people of the truth on charge of “SL”, they criticized it as violation of the people’s right.
Correct understanding of north Korea is a very important, however, the south Korean authorities have punished the people by invoking the “SL”, they charged that it arrests social progress and independent reunification.
They urged the "presidential" candidates to commit themselves to repealing the law.
The candlelight revolution is not finished and they should hold the candlelight for the abolition of “SL” and liquidation of corruption and irregularities, they noted.
They called for the people to launch campaign to realize genuine democracy and reunification.
The riot police, which have clamped down the one-person demo in the vicinity of US embassy in Seoul and people defending the girl statue in front of the Japanese consulate general in Busan, are target of action, they said.
On April 24, 12 105 people of all social strata in North Cheolla Province held a press conference at which they pointed out that the 19th presidential election should serve as a turning point in removing evils and making a new society in the spirit of the candlelight action.
They demanded immediate abolition of the “SL” hindering inter-Korean exchange and democratic development.

They said that they should remember suffering of the people experienced in history of division and confrontation, calling upon the people to make a fresh history of peace and reunification. 

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