Friday, 28 April 2017

Indiscreet Act

Indiscreet Act
Days ago, the south Korean pugnacious force launched joint firing exercise at an artillery range in Pocheon of Gyeonggi Province together with the US troops.
The maneuver involved huge forces and war hardware including “A-10” and “F-15K” fighters, Apache helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles of the US forces in south Korea and south Korean troops.
Involved there was the Stryker, a swift-response brigade, that has gained notoriety in the past wars.
The south Korean warmongers have painted its joint military drill as a "defensive one," to cope with provocation of the DPRK, however, it is an actual maneuvers for mounting a preemptive strike on the latter.
The US and south Korean air forces have launched Max Thunder, the largest-ever aerial exercise from April 14 to 28.
To be involved in the drill are over one hundred planes including “F-15K”, “KF-16” and “F-16”.
The situation on the Korean Peninsula is volatile as the US has conducted Foal Eagle joint military rehearsal, while advertising the “preemptive attack” on the DPRK.
However, the US and south Korean warlike elements fail to face up the trend of the times, acting with indiscretion.
The DPRK has already declared its toughest counteraction to answer an all-out war for all-out war and a nuclear war with annihilating nuclear strike.

The US and south Korean bellicose forces should aware of their foolhardy war games against the DPRK to only precipitate their self-destruction. 

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