Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Dear comrades and friends,
The Day of the Sun, anniversary of the birth of the Great Leader, President Kim Il Sung is not only celebrated by the Korean people, but also celebrated by the communists and progressive people arround the world.
The great leader was undoubtedly the greatest example of ideal and humanity in uniting an entire people in their struggle for independence and socialism.
The Great Leader faced from the very young age the problem of misery and slavery of Korea by the Japanese imperialism and the division and lack of struggle of the Korean people.
The Korean "communist" movement was succumbed to internal and external disputes among the so-called communist organizations whose only purpose was to gain recognition of the International Communist instead of facing Japanese imperialism and colonialist oppression.
President Kim Il Sung united the popular masses oppressed by colonialism and then founded the Korean People's Revolutionary Army on April 25th of 1932. First revolutionary armed forces determined to expel the enemy from the fatherland by the path of Independence.
It should be noted that the Revolutionary Army was created before the founding of the vanguard and revolutionary Party of the working class. This created the foundations of the Songun revolution.
The Army armed itself with the force of Ideology and then with the force of the rifle.
With few resources and armed with the ideology the Army finally expelled the Japanese imperialist enemies.
The Great Leader realized that the revolution in a country must be carried by the path of independence without interference or acceptance of foreign powers and build self-sufficiency. This is the beginning, the Songun Revolution,the only possible way to carry out the construction of socialism.
Finally, on October 10th, 1945, the Workers Party of Korea was founded.
The Army and the united Party under the great Leadership of President Kim Il Sung with a few resources and a country recently finnished the war responded with the force of the ideology and the rifle to the imperialist aggression of the United States on the 25th of June of 1950 That had Occupied the south of the peninsula during the War of the Pacific.
The army considered the most powerful in the world and with better military equipment was humiliated when being swept by the Popular Army. Imperialism had to resort to its puppet countries to keep controlled the south of the peninsula.
The Korean War was a great example of proletarian internationalism where thousands of Soviet and Chinese volunteers helped the Korean People´s Army in the liberation of the country. As well as Korea did also in the future helping many countries in their struggle for independence and as it continues day by day.
On July 27, 1953 the armistice between the North and the US was signed but the imperialism left a divided country and a fascist puppet government that controlled the South Korean Army, State and Economy and to this day refusing to sign the peace and leave the Korean Peninsula.
Since then the fundamental task of the Korean People is to achieve the reunification and expulsion of Imperialism from the peninsula.
Nowdays, The US imperialist have in Korea 300.000 troops and arround 1000 Nuclear weapons
The Great Leader created the original Juche Idea putting the man as the owner of his destiny and revolutionizing the science of communism to its highest scientific level.
The Juche idea considers that Marxism-Leninism has historical limitations but does not deny of it as the dogmatic and revisionist who never readed any single book of Juche Idea attempt to expose.
The Juche Idea gave answers and concepts adapted to our time to carry out the construction of socialism.
Chairman Kim Jong Il, after the collapse of the socialist bloc by the hands of revisionists and opportunists who separated the masses from the party with their bourgeois mentality and lack of ideology, developed the Songun Idea, to prioritize the armed forces to carry out the construction of socialism in an independent and creative way and carrying out the ideological prioritization as the main factor.
The Juche idea and the Songun Idea are the only possible path for the construction of socialism and communism against modern revisionism and capitalism, and a great example of proletarian internationalism.
Today under the Great Leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un who follows the great steps of the great comrades of Mount Paektu in the construction of socialism and moulding the whole society arround KimIlsungism-Kimjongilism will  take the Songun and Juche revolution until the final victory !
His example and struggle will guide us to carry out the revolution in the world which  the Juche Idea will lead us to the definitive triumph of socialism and communism.
Long live the Great Leader comrade Kim Il Sung! Eternal Sun of Mankind!

UK KFA Organisation Secretary.

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