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Netherlands KFA Interview with Dr Dermot Hudson KFA OD UK

An English Comrade in Holland, Zaanse Schans. KFA Nederland feb. 2017; Visit from KFA UK OD Dr. D. Hudson

 Dear Dermot,
Thank you for visiting the Netherlands.
We have known you for years already from your online presence, as KFA UK delegate, long time loyal supporter and friend of DPRK, and as personal friend, an honest devoted comrade and teacher for many. Welcome!!
Honored to meet today and learn of your love for windmills aswell, why we are here at the dutch folk village Zaanse Schans
- Could you give us an introduction of yourself and being KFA UK delegate, how it all started?

I am the Official Delegate for the Korean Friendship Association for  the UK (or Britain as some prefer to call it). I joined KFA back in 2001  and became Official Delegate for KFA in the UK back in the Spring of  2001. However my interest in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea  (DPRK or simply People's Korea or Juche Korea) goes right back to the  1980s.”
- Being a young man in the 80s in Britain, how does one learn about DPRK, it would seem a little out of place?

“In the early 1980s I was a History student and a disillusioned member of  the Communist Party of Great Britain. I became curious about People's  Korea, a socialist country that was different to the rest. I tried to  find information out about the DPRK but at first all I could find was a  section on the DPRK in the book 'Marxist Regimes of the World'. In 1985 I  came across some books from the DPRK and works of the great leader  Comrade Kim Il Sung in a second hand bookshop in the city of Southampton on the south coast.”
- Noticing you use the words "Great Leader" can you explain what you find "Great" about his works?

“I was impressed with the Juche idea as a communist revolutionary idea and  an idea which emphasizes national independence. I was deeply captivated  by the Juche idea and noticed that Juche Idea Study groups had been set  up all over the world. I was pretty appalled at the attitude of the  British and Western left to the DPRK(which goes from bad to worse. I  have never looked back since then, I set up a Juche Idea Study Group in  1985 and re founded it in 1990. I joined the old Korea Friendship  Committee and later the Society for Friendship with Korea of the UK.”
- How did you learn about KFA and meet with Alejandro Cao de Benos, founder President in Spain?
“By chance I came across the Korean Friendship Association on the  internet and was deeply impressed with it so decided to. The KFA was  very positve and militant especially when compared to some of the  half-hearted organisations that supposedly supported the DPRK. KFA also  made use of the internet.

I came to know Alejandro Cao De Benos  as a very energetic man, quite fearless and also prepared to call a  spade and spade. I became Official Delegate of the KFA in the spring of  2001, a position I have held since then. I came under attack from the  media and was victimised by my fascistic state employer and was forced  to take early retirement from work (despite 25 years of service) in  order to continue my KFA work.”

- It seems two kindred souls were fated to meet, as we know you visited DPRK together as well. Can you tell us more about it, do you visit often and when was your first time?

I have visited the DPRK 12 times. My first visit was in May 1992. I  have visited the DPRK 10 times at the invitation of the Korean  Association of Social Scientists and 2 times at the invitation of the  Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.

I attended major events such as the World Juche Congress in April 2012,  the 60th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation  War of the Korean people against US imperialism in July 2013 and the  70th anniversary of the foundation of the Workers' Party of Korea.”
- Nowadays many know DPRK from its mass performances, propaganda art, military first/songun policy and increased tourism.
What is it that attracts you about the country, culture or people?
“I was attracted to the DPRK because it is an independent socialist  country that is totally anti-US and anti-imperialist and is genuinely  socialist. It is based on the Juche idea which shows the correct road  for the world's people to follow. Visting People's Korea you will find a  clean, orderly and civilised country. Pyongyang is so different to  overcrowded cities like London, Sao Paulo and Beijing. Visting areas of  the DPRK such as Mt Myohyang I got an impression of serenity and  calmness. People in the DPRK are friendy. They are courteous and and  hardworking. Unlike south Korea and indeed many countries the DPRK  pursues cultural independence and has a very rich culture that is  unique. I enjoy Kochuchang sauce it is my favourite Korean food.”
- Could you share some of your favourite moments visiting north korea?

I have all kinds of memorable moments such as seeing the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il  march on the stage at a mass meeting in April 2002 (he was 60 then but  looked like a much younger man), seeing dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un  at the military parade in April 2012, watching the helicopters flying  between buildings at the 2013 military to name just a few highlights but  also very simple things like when the small children at the Changgwang  Kindergartern were dancing with me and would not let go of me in 1996  and walking across the centre of Pyongyang at night with my guide in  October 2015.”
- Certainly hearing  your experiences are inspiring to go see the country oneselves, still  wondering about all the military might which seems to have such dominant  role in their society, for outsiders at least from western democracies  like dutch people. As understood DPRK social/political system is based  on Juche Idea "self-reliance"and Songun "Military First" policy. Could you explain what those mean, why DPRK has such strong military presence?

The  Juche idea simply means that man (humans) are masters of their own  destiny and can carve out their own destiny, that the people are the  masters of the revolution and construction, that they can become masters  of society and the nation. Juche is expressed in terms of day to day  policy as independence in politics, self-sufficiency in the economy and  self-reliance in the economy. I can remember the late Dr Vishwanath the  famous Indian Juche Idea follower and director general of the Institute  of the Juche Idea  saying " study the Juche idea , it costs nothing but  will pay in plenty".

The Songun idea is the idea of giving  priority to the military though this does not mean a military  government. It is an embodiment of the Juche idea as it it empowers the  DPRK to establish Juche. Basiscally Songun means that the revolution is  advanced and defended by means of arms. It means taking a tough and  militant stand against US imperialism.”
-  Still, curious to know as UK, European citizen why would anyone support  DPRK, a small country on the other side of the world, their self  reliance and stand against US imperialism?
I support Peoples Korea because it is upholding socialism and independence.
When  socialism was frustrated in the USSR and elsewhere due to revisionism,  People's Korea uphold the red flag of socialism thus the DPRK is an  inspiration to the people of the world. The DPRK is the most  anti-American country in the world that has no illusions about US  imperialism and carries out strong anti-US education like no other  country. People' Korea is the most independent country in the world, if  you oppose globalisation and imperialism is is natural to support  People's Korea which is a bulwark against crazy globalisation.”
-  However the right to defend oneself, people might be genuinely worried  about DPRK nuclear and missile program we hear about in the news, being  a threat to peace in Asia and as some say, a waste of resources that  could be used for its people and development of the country instead.
Don't  you think this is a unnecessary irresponsible provocation of DPRK and  maybe one too far that may lead to escalation of the Korean War?
“The US is the author of the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula.
The  US imperialist introduced nuclear weapons onto the Korean peninsula in  1957 in violation of the Korean Armistice Agreement. Since then they  have turned south Korea into their nuclear forward based in the far East  , at one time stockpiling  1,700 nuclear weapons in south Korea and  still keeps nuclear weapons in south Korea till this very day. The US on  a number of occasions considered the use of nuclear weapons against the  DPRK and in 2002 declared that the DPRK along with a number of other  countries was the target of a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

Thus  the DPRK withdrew from the unjust and one-sided 'Nuclear  Nonprofileration Treaty"  in 2003 and pursued the policy of buildind a  nuclear deterrent.
The DPRK nuclear and missile programme is purely  defensive , it is to defend the country from US imperialist aggression.  President Kim Il Sung , Chairman Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un alll  realised that is no use relying on other countries for defence. Other  countries can betray you and stab you in the back. The 1962 Cuba missile  crisis saw the Soviet Union betray and sacrifice Cuba to the US  imperialists Marshal Kim Jong Un taught that "However  fair-minded and just we are, we may become a bargaining chip for the  strong and our precious history inherited with blood will loose its  shine in a moment if we are weak."
Those who call for the "denuclearisation of the DPRK" or "Complete  Verifable Irreversible Disarmament" really want the overthrow of the  socialist system of the DPRK. Some big countries want a weak DPRK so  that they can control, dominate and exploit it.”
- Don't you think people would say you sound a little over the top, even paranoid perhaps?
Hasn't  US after all liberated Koreans from Japanese colonial rule and has been  one of the major peacekeepers in the region for decades?
The US imperialists first started to invade Korea in the 19th century.
Under  Japanese imperialist colonial rule the US owned gold mines and  exploited the Korean people and took away valuable gold. The US was  opposed to an independent Korea , even the liberal President Roosevelt  wanted Korea be under "trusteeship " for 40 years. The US divided Korea  in 1945 ,they invaded south Korea and then an American army officer just  draw a line with a ruler across a map of Korea. The US imperialists  started the Korean war in June 1950 and killed millions of Koreans.
I  have visited the Sinchon museum 4 times, this is where the American  imperialists murdered 35,383 people or a quarter of the population of  Sinchon county. The US today is pursuing a very hostile policy towards  the DPRK  by threatening it with nuclear weapons, by intensifying  sanctions and blockade against it and by the psychological warfare such  as the anti-DPRK human rights campaign.
The US is also keeping  35,000 aggression troops in south Korea and staging provocative military  exercises in south Korea. If the US truly wants peace and wants to  guarantee its own security and safety  it should pull its troops out of  south Korea completely, discontinue military exercises and completely  end the hostile policy towards the DPRK.
-  With latest SK political uproar hitting the media, what's your opinion on the matter and what do you think of SK democracy &; leadership?
There is no democracy in south Korea, it is a fascist state.
Under  the National Security Law not only are Communist parties banned but any  expression of sympathy with the DPRK is regarded as an anti-state  punishable by 7 years in jail. The Park Geun Hye fascist regime  dissolved the Unified Progressive Party and also jailed  pro-reunification people, progressives, Juche idea followers  and trade  unionists. I believed that the leader of the trade unions on south Korea  was jailed for 5 years.

South Korea is a most brutal fascist regime.
In  the 1960s the leaders of the Revolutionary Party for Reunification that  was based on the Juche Idea were murdered by the Park Chung Hee fascist  regime. South Korea is not independent, it is a colony of the US and a  creation of the US. In south Korea US troops lord it over the people and  exploit, oppress, steal, murder and rape people. What kind of  government gives taxpayers money as "upkeep expenses" to a foreign  occupier?

Basically south Korea was set up at bayonet point by US imperialism, it is an artificial creation of th US.
It  has been ruled by puppet dictators such as Syngham Rhee, Park Chung  Hee, Chun Do Hwan, Roh Tae Woo, Kim Young Sam, Lee Myung Bak and Park  Geun Hye. I hope that one day there will be a national liberation and  popular democratic revolution in south Korea against the fascist  colonial rule of the US and its puppets. The present south Korea regime  must be overthrown and the US troops pushed out of the country so that  independent and peaceful reunification can take place. It is important  to support the struggle of Juche-orientated pro-reunification partiots  in the south, the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south  Korea (AINDF). KFA is proud of its relations with AINDF.
The Park Geun Hye regime just represents the interests of the top 1% in south Korea and is mired in scandal.
The Choe Sun Sil scandal shows the deep corruption of the south Korean puppet ruling class and why it should be overthrown.”
- You picture a view of Korea very different from what msm and history books tell us.
How about the alleged assassination in Malaysia, what/who to believe?
As to the incident is Malaysia, this is a conspiracy by the south  Korean puppets, US imperialists and Malaysian reactionaries against  People's Korea.
The simple facts are that a DPRK citizen named Kim  Chol who was the holder of a DPRK diplomatic passport became ill at  Kuala Lumpur airport and died . The Malaysian authorities informed the  DPRK about this. They informed the DPRK that the DPRK citizen had died  of a stroke or heart attack. However subsequently the DPRK was not given  access to the body or the autopsy which is required under international  law. Sensational and wild stories began to flow from the south Korean  puppet media machine and the hacks of the capitalist media in countries  such as the US, UK and other countries. The Malaysian authorities then  arrested some nationals of third countries and later a DPRK citizen(who  has now been released due to insufficient evidence).
There is not a  shred of evidence to link these people to the DPRK. They are not even  ethnic Koreans. From where I stand the case against the DPRK is pretty  threadbare and basically a cock and bull story. Malaysia has a close  relationship with the US and south Korea and is basically a neo-colony  of US imperialism.
- Dear Dermot, we  have come almost at the end of our conversation, but before that could  you explain how an English Comrade ended up in Holland Zaanse Schans?

I decided to visit the Netherlands for the first time rather than just  passing through it (as I had done in the past) in order to have  discussions with KFA Netherlands about helping them to create  structures. I also wanted to see my friends in KFA Netherlands and it  was also a good opportunity for me to see a working windmill as I am  interested in windmills.”

- Thank you so much for your time and your insights as KFA delegate and devoted comrade. Over the years we've come to know you and KFA being among the most genuine,  loyal DPRK supporters and kindhearted friends as also your visit in the  Netherlands shows your warmest intentions for a prospering KFA,  dedication to fellow comrades and people of Korea.
We hope to see  more of you, KFA UK and NL in the future, looking forward following KFA  on its mission, giving voice to People's Korea's plight for existence as  a nation and defence against imperialist annihilation.
Wishing you a welcome stay and all the best for an ever stronger KFA, Much Respect to you and UK department. Thank you for the great company and many years as supporting caring friend. Leaving for now as final question; How do see the future for UK department and why should people join KFA?

“In  UK KFA we hope to expand our activitity even more and increase  participation in our activities. We would like to get more of our  members to visit the DPRK. It is also important to for us to improve our  social media and internet work.

KFA has 17,000 members worldwide  with active branches in many countries. It works closely with the  Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. KFA can  be summed up simply as being pro-DPRK and pro-active. KFA does what it  says it defends the DPRK with no ifs and buts. If you support the DPRK,  if you believe in the DPRK's right to independence, then you should join  KFA and defend the DPR Korea!”

KFA Nederland
Since dutch KFA is not yet established, all matters related will be directed to;
Mr. Trever Aritz, Intel Commissar,

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