Monday, 24 April 2017

Peach and Mango

President Kim Il Sung met the party delegation of the country in Africa who came to Pyongyang to learn the experiences of construction for the party on one day of May, Juche82 (1993).
The leader of the delegation asked President Kim Il Sung how ideally to build the party.
Watching round the room he said that he took the peach on the board of the table and then he said the party ought to firmly build like it.
Seeing the surprised the leader of the delegation he told when we formed the single-hearted unity of the leader, the party and the masses we could carry out our revolution without fail, when we talked about the peach the flesh of it was like the masses, the seed of it was like the party and the almond of seed was like the leader.
Wonderfully surprising at his instruction he understood at once.
Just a moment, the President said there would never be the unity which was empty like a mango.
He was hesitated to stand from his seat as President Kim Il Sung knew inside of his mind thinking about the mango.
The peach had a seed and a mango had no a seed.
The leader who impressed and had a deep truth of the construction of the party from President Kim Il Sung’s few words while he was thinking difficult of the party, firmly determined he would build the party like a peach.

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