Monday, 24 April 2017

April Spring Art Friendship Festival

April Spring Art Friendship Festival is regularly performed in Pyongyang, the Capital of the DPRK, celebrating the Day of the Sun when President Kim Il Sung was born.
The festival firstly opened in April Juche 71(1982) celebrating 70th anniversary for the birthday of the great leader contributes to consolidate friendship and unity of the artists in several countries, strengthens the cultural exchanges and is on the purpose to commonly develop arts of mankind.
April Spring Friendship Festival is the grand art festival that has all sectors of stage art such as singing, instrument music, dance and circus.
A lot of talent artists including the famous art organizations and International concours winners attend in this festival.
The performances of countries units and species following the artistic organizations and performances are displayed and the general performance, celebrating one and the opening and closing ceremony are significantly performed.
On the jury by the Committee of Festival Judgement and opinions of the audience the diplomas, cups, wining prizes and souvenirs are delivered to the excellent units and artisans.
Now, April Spring Friendship Festival is concerned by a lot of people because it is developed as the special and authorized performance in its sizes, contents and processes.
The participants of this festival are realized the reality of the DPRK on visiting and touring the many sites.
The 30th April Spring Friendship Festival was held in April Juche 105(2016).
The artisans participated in the festival decorated colorfully the festival stage with Korean songs of admiration for President Kim Il Sung and Chairman   Kim Jong Il and respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, with the dances and the various themes of artistic ones that showed the national emotion and optimism and with the world famous songs.
It also contributes to the development for literatures and arts of mankind and the construction of national cultures as the important occasion of sharing the experiences each other and helping the deep and wide knowledge of the different, noble and characteristic national arts of several countries.
The song of independence, peace and friendship will be highly resounded in the future.

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