Thursday, 27 April 2017

CPRC Policy Department Spokesman Warns Hwang Kyo An Not to Do Reckless Act

 Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Policy Department of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country of the DPRK (CPRC) Thursday made public a statement denouncing Hwang Kyo An, puppet acting president of south Korea, for frantically making confrontation racket losing control of himself.
    Days ago, traitor Hwang convened a "state council meeting" at which he said "the north may make sixth nuclear test or other provocations on the anniversary of the People's Army" and "the north will face tougher counteraction if it makes reckless provocation". Even he cried out for the "impregnable combat-readiness".
    "South Korea is making close discussion with the U.S. on the possible provocation by the north," he said, adding that "it would lay foundation for settlement of the nuclear issue of the north through diplomatic efforts with the neighboring country."
    On Wednesday, frightened by the combined fire demonstration of the services of the Korean People's Army the U.S. and south Korean warmongers hastily launched "2017 combined firepower annihilating drill". Hwang appeared there and let his stooge to utter that they "displayed the might and showed strong capability for retaliatory punishment and annihilation."
    The spokesman said:
    Even the master U.S., much upset by the rapidly developing nuclear attack capability of the DPRK, is flustering by hurling its strategic assets. It is ridiculous for the south Korean puppet group to vociferate about "retaliatory punishment."
    What Hwang is behaving reveals the uneasiness of the south Korean conservative group who have been isolated and rejected as the days go by and betrays his sinister ploy to rally the conservative forces by inciting security crisis ahead of the "presidential election".
    No matter how Hwang may noisily cry out for confrontation, it is nothing but last-ditch effort of the fear-stricken one in the position of late fall. Nobody would lend an ear to him.
    If the south Korean puppet group dare make provocation depending on the U.S. master, they will perish in the face of the merciless strikes by the Korean People's Army.
    Hwang would be well advised to know that his foolish and reckless confrontation racket will end in a miserable death. -0-

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