Sunday, 31 January 2016

Why the south Korean puppets are called south Korean puppets !

For clarification , the use of the term south Korean puppet is not a generic catch all to describe the whole population of south Korea and it is not in any way offensive. The term refers to the narrow circles of the ruling class in south Korea who are puppets of the US (and indeed Japan ) who have sold south Korea to US imperialism and obstruct reunification. The term south Korean puppet refers to the 1% of south Korea(in fact probably less than that) not the 99% of south Korean people. Those who rule south Korea are the descendants of Japanese collaborators such as Park Geun Hye whose father Park Chung Hee was not only a notorious fascist military dictator but had been an officer in the Japanese imperial army.
 South Korea does have wartime operational control over its own armed forces . There are dozens of treaties that shackle south Korea to the US. The US controls the economy and culture of south Korea. What else is south Korea other than a puppet regime !
   The south Korean regime has also sold out to Japan over the issue of the Korean women who were forced into sexual slavery during the horrendous years of the Japanese empire . Today Japanese culture is prevalent in parts of south Korea .
  Kim Yong Sin , a south Korean who defected to the DPRK in the 1980s wrote his book "A Young Man's Memoirs on His Escape From South Korea  " that one part of Seoul was just like America and another part was like Japan.
   UK KFA fully recognises that the Korean people are a homogeneous people , that there are one people and that the south Korean people are the the brothers and compatriots of the people of the DPRK . The term puppet refers to a handful of parasites and traitors and their hirelings in the south Korean armed forces, security and intelligence services and police.
  UK KFA is very proud to have links with a south Korean organisation the Anti Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea and we have met them on many occasions. We are proud to support the struggle of the AINDF and all south Korean patriots and revolutionaries. We believe that Korea will be reunified when the south Korean people rise up, when there is a revolution in south Korea and the puppet regime is overthrown and the US imperialists chased into the sea !

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