Thursday, 14 January 2016

Songun Internationale 2 published

               London 14th of January  Juche 105(2016)                                 

Following the successful publication of the book "Songun Internationale  1 " , the author M Jahangir Khan  who is leader of the International Committee For the Study of Songun Politics and chairman of the Bangladesh Songun Politics Study Group has published the book  "Songun Internationale 2 -Kim Jong Un and his love for the people " Mr Khan is a noted expert on the Songun Idea and Songun Politics as well as being its leading exponent in Asia.
There is a deep need for a book on dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  the supreme leader of the DPRK and the leader of the anti-imperialist independence struggle of the world. Today's era is undoubtedly the era of KIM JONG UN as the recent H bomb test has shown. As M Jahangir Khan says in his introduction  "An emergence of a new leader in any country is a matter of great concern of the world.". This is indeed very true. Mr Khan's book is a very timely and well researched introduction to the subject of  the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN. 
The book also affords a strong refutation of the lies, distortions and misrepresentations of the role of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN. The author shows that  respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is indeed a true people's leader who policies are permeated with deep love for the people.
 In the book the author charts the emergence of the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as the worthy successor to the Songun revolutionary cause and discusses his mode of politics . The author shows how respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has set out to build a paradise for the people and make Utopia a reality. As Mr Khan writes " His love is a sacred devotion of his life to the good of the people. He continues his trip to guide the soldiers and people on the spot".
  The herculean on-the spot guidance of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is detailed in the book. The book also expounds the superiority of the Juche-based and Songun-based socialist sysem of the DPRK pointing out how people receive accommodation free of charge in the DPRK something unthinkable in the capitalist world.
 This is a book that deserves a very wide readership and distribution . The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK salutes the publication of  Songun Internationale 2 and calls on its members to read and make a deep study of it.

ASSPUK 14.01.2016


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