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ASSPUK,JISGE and UK KFA hail the 2016 New Year Address of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN

               London 3rd of January  Juche 105(2016)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(ASSPUK), the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) and the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) today issued a joint statement in support of the New Year Address, for 2016, of the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , the First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea , First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea  and Supreme Commander of the
Korean People's Army ;
   We support the New Year Address for 2016 of the DPRK supreme leader dear
respected Marshal KIM JONG UN . Reading it we feel impressed and excited. We believe that it deserves a wide readership.
    In the New Year Address dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN reviews the excellent progress made by People's Korea in 2015 , the year in which the DPRK splendidly celebrated the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation and the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Workers' Party of Korea , the ruling party of People's Korea. Particularly striking was the fact that the DPRK was able to advance on the basis of self-reliance  as dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN pointed out   "The flames of the campaign to implement the Party’s ideas and defend its policies have unfolded a proud reality of our indigenous plane flying in the sky and our indigenous subway train running under the ground," Thus the DPRK is advancing towards the proud goal of a totally self-reliant national economy in which most products are produced using the internal resources of the country rather than by importing showy and expensive products of another country.
    Addressing the tasks for 2016 which will see the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN puts forward the inspiring and militant slogan "Let us usher in a golden age in building a thriving nation in this year when the Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea is to be held!
Perceptively  respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  identifies the building of an economic giant and improving the people's living standards as the key task. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN puts forward the task of increasing electricity production and for expanding the Juche-based advances  in the iron and steel industry. Moreover agricultural production should be increased. The work of construction should be pushed ahead at a faster rate. Thus dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN put forward a programme for constructing socialism faster and and more splendidly. By calling for the improvement of economic planning work  respected Marshal KIM JONG UN rejects the introduction of the 'free market ' into Peoples' Korea.
  Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  puts forward the task of building up the defences of People's Korea to deter those who would snatch away the sovereignty of the country .
  Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN stresses that the principle of self-development should be adhered to saying that "Worship of big countries and dependence on foreign forces is the road to national ruin; self-development alone is the road to sustaining the dignity of our country and our nation and to paving a broad avenue for the revolution and construction" This words contain a great truth and reflect the fundamental interests of the Korean people and the basic principles of the Korean revolution. We applaud this.  This deals a shattering blow to those who want to make the DPRK dependent on imperialism and big powers.Marshal KIM JONG UN also says that ideology is the driving force of the revolution and calls for the five point ideological education to be focussed . This is a clear cut rejection of revisionism . Moreover the Korean People's Internal Security Forces are urged to smash the anti-socialist moves of the class enemy .  This shows strong adherence to the revolutionary and class principles , recognising that class struggle continues under socialism.
  If  south Korean puppets if they wish for the improvement of inter Korean ties must stop depending on outside forces and must stop trying to solicit the so-called co-operation of outside forces in the reunification issue.Respected Marhsal KIM JONG UN slams outside intervention in the affairs of the Korean nation saying that " We should reject foreign intervention and resolve the issues of inter-Korean relations and national reunification independently in keeping with the aspirations and demands of the nation.
It is none other than the outside forces that divided our nation, and it is also none other than the United States and its followers that obstruct the reunification of our country. Notwithstanding this, the south Korean authorities are clinging to a smear campaign against the fellow countrymen in collusion with the outside forces while touring foreign countries to ask for the solution of the internal issue of our nation, the issue of its reunification. This is a betrayal of the country and nation that leaves the destiny of the nation at the mercy of the outside forces and sells out its interests".
  Last year the south Korean puppet ruler Park Geun Hye spent more time outside south Korea than in it  and tried to drag all sorts of countries into the internal affairs of the Korean nation such as the UK, EU, Brazil and neighbouring big powers. This is shameful . Our organisations , the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK , strongly denounce this and support Marshal KIM JONG UN call for an end to outside interference in the affairs of the Korean nation. 
 Marshal KIM JONG UN underscores the need for peace and security and the prevention of war . However he sternly warns the US imperialists and south Korean puppets " However, if aggressors dare to provoke us, though to a slight degree, we will never tolerate it but respond resolutely with a merciless sacred war of justice, a great war for national reunification."
This is a most revolutionary declaration that affirms the will of the Korean people to defend their sovereignty at all costs and smite those who provoke conflict. We believe that for peace to reign on the Korean peninsula then the US imperialists and south Korean puppets must heed the call of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  for the discontinuation of provocative and aggressive military exercises.
  Concluding the New Year address dear repsected Marshal KIM JONG UN says
" The challenges by the hostile forces remain uninterrupted and the situation is as tense as ever, but we will invariably advance along the road of independence, Songun and socialism under the unfurled red flag of the revolution, and make all responsible efforts to safeguard peace and security in the Korean peninsula and the rest of the world"
  These words are a militant declaration that inspire us greatly. People's Korea under dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is proudly flying high the red flag of the revolution.
  The New Year Address of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is a great programme for self-reliant construction based on the principle of self-development underpinned by the great Juche Idea.It is a powerful manifesto for socialist and anti-imperialist advance that should be studied by the progressive people's of the world .


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