Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Fruit of Self-development

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea succeeded in the first H-bomb test relying entirely on its own intelligence, technology and strength.
This success is the fruit of our self-development.
DPRK has overcome all trials under the pressure and blockade of the US and his satellite countries during the whole period of building socialism.
In those days Korean people kept in mind the firm truth of believing only their power.
So they have done their best to raise their ability and succeeded in manufacturing and launching the artificial earth satellite and nuclear test by their own efforts, with their own technique.
The respected Kim Jong Un said in New Year Address of Juche 105(2016) that the principle of giving priority to self-development should be maintained in building a thriving socialist country, worship of big countries and dependence on foreign forces was the road to national ruin and self-development alone was the road to sustaining the dignity of our country and our nation and to paving a broad avenue for the revolution and construction.
In future DPRK will strive for the final victory of the revolution full of the confidence in victory and optimism with the principle of giving priority to self-development.

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