Friday, 1 January 2016

Data about the Repression to the Democratic and Pro-Reunification Activists in south Korea

1)Of Han Sang-gyun, the Chairman of the KCTU
He organized the 1st Mass Indignation Meeting on November 14th and the south Korean fascist police arrested him recklessly and prosecuted him for the violation of several acts such as sedition on December 18th.
Denouncing it, next day, various circles of the people held the 3rd Mass Indignation Meeting and US trade union, AFL-CIO condemned the south Korean fascist clique.

2) Of democratic and pro-reunification activists
On November 27th, the south Korean fascist prosecution sentenced to 5 year's imprisonment to Hwang Seon for the violation of “NSL”.
She has held lecture meeting in various places in south Korea with Shin Eun-mi to inform the correct reality of the DPRK and the urgent need of reunification.
On December 14, the south Korean fascist prosecution sentenced to 3 year's imprisonment to Park Chang-suk, a counselor of the South Headquarters of the National Alliance for the Country’s Reunification.
The fascists insisted that she has shared the news concerning with the DPRK and it was a clear and exact violation of “NSL”.

3) Of the followers of Juche idea.
Now in south Korea, various circles of the people study and follow the Juche idea.
Embarrassed with it, the south Korean regime intensify the repression to the followers.
On December 22th, the fascists arrested and prosecuted a clergyman for the violation of “NSL”.
He has studied Juche idea with his several colleagues and friends.
4) Of the  United Progressive Party
On December 19th, 2014, the south Korean fascist authorities dissolved the legitimate United Progressive Party illegally.
The party had struggle for the democratization of society and national reunification.
The fascists arrested the main members of the party, but the struggle has been continued by other members.
Now, they are trying to reorganize their organization and have struggle more vigorously.

5) Of the  progressive mass media
At the beginning of 2015, the progressive mass media “Jajuminbo” was labeled as a pro-DPRK news and defunct by the south Korean fascists.
And also all progressive organizations such as Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union and the Lawyers for Democratic Society are repressed the fascists.

6) The long term un-converted prisoners
In south Korea 23 long term un-converted prisoners are left.
Of them Kim Ki-chang is the eldest and he is 96 years old.
Right now, they are not in jail, but their livelihood in south Korea is miserable.
Although they are in awkward situation, they have struggled for the national reunification vigorously.

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